Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 14: Sewing, Ironing, Momming

That just about sums up my does this picture.  The lighting is horrible, the angle leaves much to be desired, and it's LOUD in SO many ways!  But, isn't that life somedays!  Today's outfit was perfect for one of those kind of days!

Picture courtesy:  Caitlin Thomas

So things I love!  This sweatshirt, however, I now know how badly it photographs!  It's super cute it back and is completely open...which normally I would think is so strange, but somehow it just works (just not for pictures, thus, the crazy wing on my left side:)!  But let's be honest who gets their picture taken on the reg in a "comfy day" sweatshirt?

It's freezing here in the PNW!  Everyone thinks that on days that it doesn't rain it must just be wonderful, but no rain equals FREEZING cold days!  So, my boot wearing flip flops between Uggs and Hunters!
Sweatshirt:  GAP
Jeans:  AE Skinny Jeans
Boots:  UGG Grey Bailey Button Triplet

Another week almost done!  If you're counting down with me...I'm one pay period down!  Or is that up?


Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 4: Productivity Monday

That's right...we are spending our last day of holiday vacation as a family being...PRODUCTIVE.  While I would much rather sit, snuggle and do NOTHING, we took down all of the Christmas decor because Adam knew that if he didn't help (read put all the totes back in storage and dispose of the Christmas tree) that it might still be here after he returns from ARMY training...he might be right:)

Since it was a get busy day, I had to dress that meant jeans, a comfy top and a top knot (I promise I do my hair most days, but you've seen me on vacation for the last few days:))

Tackling those decorations!
Photo cred:  Little Man...thus, the lower vantage point
I definitely stole this from my Mama's's probably 
time to retire my rules about faded gray from Day 1:)
Let's just call my tee...vintage, but I do love the VS PINK Collegiate collection
Basically you can count on seeing these until I get too skinny for them:)

One thing you should know about me...I think that a pair of big, sparkly earrings can pull together any outfit...I NEVER leave the house without earrings in...basically I live by the rule:


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 3: Sentimental Sunday

So, I knew I was in to learn something this year, but I never expected to learn something on day 3.  But, it happened!  Needless to say, I never realized how much I could tell someone about the pieces in my closet.  And, not just the brand, size, price, etc.  But, I can tell you about the times I've worn it and the life it's seen.  Some people have memories when they smell certain scents or hear a specific tune, maybe some of my memories are tied up in the clothes I've worn.

Even more than just this outfit, these rocks remind
me of the wild child son that plays in the rocks
every time we walk out to the car!
This dress for example, was the dress I wore on the first New Year's Eve Adam and I spent together.  While there might have been a lot more bling, much higher heel and a great deal more exposed skin.  It was the first thing I thought of when I pulled this classic black dress out of my closet this morning!

And, then, there is the first day of Kindergarten.  Well, sort of, the first day that I taught in my very own Kindergarten class.  I knew I had to add something to this outfit, especially when Adam asked if I would be attending a funeral today, so my go to was a scarf.  When I ran my fingers over my choices for scarves this morning, I was drawn to the silver strands and bright colors in this scarf.  As I looped and tied it on, I remembered the very first day that parents trusted me with their children's little minds to mold them and teach them!

So, it might seem like such a simple black dress and a throw on scarf, but when I tell the story, it's such a sentimental outfit!

Mine has a much better low back, but this was the closest I could find
Obviously, my exact one can't be found, but there are some very cute ones here!

The baubles:
Mine was another fabulous T.J. Max find---I promise not all of my watches are from T.J. Max
I have no idea where mine came from, but I love this one from ETSY
Again, mine is from this super cute street fair in Arizona...
you picked the color leather you wanted and they fit it 
to your wrist right there!!  But, I loved this one on ETSY

Do you have something special in your closet that holds special memories?  I'd love to hear about it!