Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cheated a bit...

Time flies when you are dying to buy all the new things.
So in the spirit of total honesty, I have to tell y'all I cheated.  I bought two things brand new.  One kind of didn't count, and one definitely does.  My sweet sister who is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper was having a sample sale.  She had a return that had not been worn and I wanted it.  So I bought it, they were a good deal, they feel awesome on, and I love them.  MJ ruffles will make your life better. Still doesn't justify my purchase, but I deemed them a necessity if my wardrobe for this pregnancy.  I styled them this blog post, they will be my last picture and I think everyone can agree they were worth it.  SECOND failure, I had to break down and buy my bridesmaid dress brand new.  I searched and I searched mercari and poshmark for a dress that would work for my wonderful friend's color scheme and that would fit this growing belly.  I felt bad for all of 2 seconds buying it, but end of the day so worth it.  Its a maternity dress and the color is beautiful and I think I am going to double use it and restyle it for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November/December after I birth this baby.
Now that I have come clean with y'all I feel a little better.  I don't think I have purchased anything B/S/T recently.  I have my eye on a t-shirt dress which is my jam until this belly really protrudes.
I finallllllllly got all my wardrobe traded out and am comfortably putting clothes I don't fit in right now in totes organized by garment.  I was having a hard time deciding between garment type vs. season organization.  I went with garment. I think I made the correct decision.  I pulled a few dresses for a friend to borrow and knowing to look in my dresses tote really eliminated a lot of the guess work and time associated with the project.  There is a comfort level in only having things in my closet that will fit me now and for the next 20 weeks.  I think nothing is harsher for a pregnant woman than trying something on in hopes that it fits and then it doesn't.  Don't need that drama in my life.
Can we talk about all the new things I want that I am not going to get??? NEW SUNNIES!!! I need ZERO new sunnies, but man the spring/summer lines that are being released are honestly so legit.  I know I sound like a tool saying that, but its true.  I can see myself wearing them, feeling so good and looking fly.  I think the neat part of this challenge is making myself feel good in what I have.  I have nice things and need to appreciate them.  I have a rocking pair of gingham glasses my husband bought me before we were even engaged.  They are still really relevant.  Pulled those bad boys out, and feeling like a new woman.  Anyway, I hope you feel inspired to buy all the new things because I can't...I kid I kid.  I do hope you feel inspired to give items in your closet new life by stepping out of your comfort zone in how you style and pair things.  My pictures are super out of order and its funny how sometimes my belly is really there and then sometimes baby is hiding. 

 Forgot to take a picture this day, but thankfully I have a double shot with my friend Stacie at her sprinkle!!!

The last chilly day in NC.  I felt like such a blah lady that day. 

Forgot to take a picture this day too, snagged one from the baby's 2nd birthday!!! OK, she might not be a baby anymore! Also, this is how rough a mom looks that has been sweating over a child's birthday party!!!

My straight hair was no match against this NC humidty.  Got my curls back!!1

The ruffles.  Worth every penny!!! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

New Twist...

Y'all, April is FLYING!!!!! I can't even believe it is halfway to May and that I am on my way to having the cutest 2 year old running around the house.  We are reaching the time of year where my toe nails always need to be ready and the armpits need to be shaved!! My husband will never know the extra work that summer time brings.
April has started to challenge my strength.  So many good sales, so many new trends that I don't have in my closet.  Also, in our family life a new clothing challenge is...I am pregnant with Baby C #2 and dressing an early 2nd trimester body is stressing me.  Call me vain, but if I am being honest with you I feel better when I LOVE my outfit.  I can have a blah day, but if I am loving my threads I am ok-ish.  My belly is growing, and y'all better believe that I LOVE DRESSING a belly.  My belly is still just too new.  It is growing, but it is still a little too jello-esque for my liking.  I had to put away my normal jeans and am wearing my post partum jeans from RLC, but lets be honest those don't fit. Maternity jeans are still really baggy in the crotch and the full panel area.  So needless to say, dresses have been my friend.  Dresses are always my friend though.  If you aren't a dress person, I challenge you to try a t-shirt dress or a cotton/jersey shift dress. So comfortable, So versatile, and honestly nice and breezy in the summer time. I bought 2 new to me Carly style dresses off of our yardsale site. I was tickled to reply "bought" first on the post.  Carly dresses fly off the virtual shelves on my B/S/T page.  I also did buy a maternity lot that came with 2 pairs of shorts and a few random things. I really just needed the shorts, because I didn't have any with Ruby Lou.  She is an early May baby, so shorts weren't a NEED.  Well being due late September means I will be PREGNANT this summer.  Mama is going to need some shorts.  So I bought a couple used and then a sweet friend is letting me borrow a few things.  Shorts are always a tough one for me. While I appreciate the body God blessed me with, I am not lacking in the thigh area.  My thighs pack a punch and I wish jean shorts were made with bigger leg holes.  I am not trying to have the denim be tight on my thighs, not today not ever.  I need to pull out of spring/summer and maternity totes from the garage, but honestly who has the time.  RLCs naps have been filled with my napping or snacking.  I am sort of holding strong, I feel like I have been looking a lot on our B/S/T page and I probably don't need anything, but I justify my looking and buying that I am still helping with eliminating textile and fabric waste, RIGHT? 

The self timer cut off my shoes and my vans were a completing piece for the long maxi skirt outfit. 

This was a rough day to get ready for church.  It was raining and nothing fit.  My husband tried to "help" me find an outfit, but all that happened was I got cranky and thought I didn't need a rain jacket.  Hormones are crazy. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018


SO apparently March is my lazy month.  I slacked a little while documented my outfits for the first half of March.  We had to travel to Indiana for a funeral and it just wasn't super important to photograph my cold weather outfits.  I am DONE being cold.  Winter has made a reappearance in North Carolina and I am not thankful for it.

My lularoe kimono is being gifted to my mom, it is just a touch big and in an effort to not "look homeless" as my sister calls it I will wear stuff that is my size.  I also pulled a couple of tunics from my closet and passed them to her.  I sold a new pair of shoes that I have never worn and was weirdly hanging on to in case my foot grew? I have found 2 B/S/T finds, a bundle of denim drawstring shorts and then a Lularoe Duster.  My sweet sister and mama visited and I spent some time in Louisiana with my mom.  Well the trouble with that is that we shop together, and we love it.  Like boutique shopping is ideal for us.  My mom kept offering to go and she would buy for me, but that isn't the point right.  I am 25% through the year.  I am loving it and it is funny that I feel so natural not buying.  Mama did get me a couple goodies in my Easter basket.  I love my new treasures.  I promise April will be a more exciting blog month I think.  I will try and have more interesting things to say. 


                                                                      My people!!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Farewell February

February was great.  The weather was seriously so delightful the last half of the month.  RLC and I were outside and it was "suns out-legs out". The warmer weather has let me branch out in my closet and it has helped me feel more stylish and have different options.  I feel over jeans a little bit and ready to style more from my closet.  I am not quite ready to grab the summer totes from the garage yet. I have started planning my outfits the night before so I don't get flustered in the morning and throw something on I am not JAZZED about.  Because lets be honest, that is what happens.  We have every desire to dress to feel good about ourselves for the day and then next thing you know you needed to leave 5 minutes ago and the baby is only in a cloth diaper, has breakfast all over her face and you just quickly throw on jeans and flannel.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes I just want to style myself more.  I had a long talk with my sister about my desire to style from my closet.  It makes me happy, it makes me work hard to see things differently.  It makes me happy when I feel good and I LOVE what I am wearing. The weather is making me excited for true spring and shorts weather.  I already have a few outfits in my head for when I think I can actually wear shorts.  I am thinking April. I did bust out my birkenstocks.  I love birks, like love them.  I haven't started wearing my white pair yet, I am a little bit classic in that I won't wear them until after Easter.  I bought 2 "new to me" items.  An Umgee Tunic that is a pictured and a LulaRoe kimono style.  Need to try it on and if it doesn't work it will be gifted to my mama, she also loves a full closet. So total for the year am I at 4 items? I will try and keep track.

I am really fighting the good fight with my hair.  I am forever trying to find the right formula of products so that my curls have enough shape, but not overly producty.  I will always have frizz, but I don't want to be a frizz ball.  I am debating a big cut, but then when I see pictures I love the ability to wear it differently.  Oy, tough decisions!

 Love this top, my mom got it for me when I was pregnant with RLC and It is seriously my favorite.  The colors, the shape, the sleeves its all 😍😍😍

 This is my first time pairing a graphic T and a kimono and I am not hating it.  It adds something to the shirt, but also so cool. 

I was not a fan of this outfit.  As I was driving away from my house I was thinking of better ways to style the shirt and the pants.  The pants are a touch big and with the awesome yellow color could have used a belt and a chambray shirt tucked in. The shirt is a classic white T from Gap.  I would have loved it with a pair of dark skinny jeans, front tuck, and a red lip.  Overall it was okay-ish, but I didn't do the pieces justice. 

 B/S/T Umgee Tunic, apparently see through and needed a tank!

 This was thrown on, it was 1000 Degrees and I was not ready for tank top weather.  

I didn't love how to I looked in this red sweatshirt, it might be getting rehomed outside of my closet. 

I also need to shout out to my girl, Rachel.  My husband is away for a few days and the self timer pictures are no good.  The red sweatshirt above was taken with a self timer and it only got my top 75%. So thank you Rachel for indulging me.