Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stay or Away: Part 2 (and the results from Part 1)

So the first round of Stay or Away was a success and y'all told me what I already knew in my heart to be true.  Get rid of everything!  Well, all of you, with the exception of my friend Tina, who challenged me to make an outfit out of the brown and burgundy tops.

Well, Tina.  I made an outfit out of the brown top, but the other just down't fit me right so I'm donating it too.

The shirt looks purple, but I promise it is brown.  I think I'll hold on to this one a bit longer.

Okay, now I need help deciding if I should get rid of these three skirts.

This green pencil skirt is very high waisted.  I have never worn it, but it is just the perfect shade of green.  Should I keep it and try to ind an outfit around it or send it away?

I may be the only girl left on Earth that has a denim pencil skirt.  I have worn it once this year.  I'm just not sure if denim skirts are really my style or in style at all for that matter.

This is a very nice Limited skirt that I bought from Goodwill.  It is lined, has pockets.  Totally adorable.  The problem is the length and the fact that I have a very similar skirt that fits better.  Should It Stay or go Away???

As far as my daily outfit postings go, I have worn some really adorable outfits lately.  I am saving them for one big post to come later this week:)

Happy Shopping,

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stay or Away: Round 1

I am starting a new game.  It is called 'Stay or Away'.  This is how it works, each week I will share photos of items in my closet and you have to tell me if it should 'stay' or if it should go 'away'.  The decision is 100% up to you so please let me know your thoughts!!!  All 'away' items will be donated to my local Arc Thrift Store.  

Most of these items you have not seen during my one year no shopping challenge.  This is why I need to know if I should keep the item or donate it.  Some items you have seen, but may not be the best fit on my or not in style anymore.  Also, feel free to look back and all my blog posts and tell me if you see an item that should go 'away' from my closet.  

Okay, ready for round one?  

(left, A) The first top is a tank from DKNY.  I have had this tank for a very long time.  I love the embroidered pattern, but that isn't enough to convince me to keep it.  

(center, B) This vest is from GAP.  I thought it would look super adorable with a wide brown belt, skinny jeans and boots.  The problem with this is how it fits my body.  Do I keep it and keep trying to wear it?

(right, C) I bought this top at Kohls.  It is a petite so it is a little on the short side for me (even though I'm short).  I'm not that comfortable wearing it because it is so short.

Now you can help me out by commenting A, B or C in the comments below or on the FB page.

But, I'm not done yet.  I have a few more items to show you!

(left, D)  I am almost too embarrassed to show you all this top.  I bought it from a thrift store because I loved the color.  The embarrassing part is that it is a maternity shirt.  I thought if I tucked it into a cute skirt I could make it work.  Problem is, it still looks like a maternity top (go figure).

(right, E)  Do you have an item in your closet that you have never worn because it is so wrinkled that you don't even want to bother with ironing it?  Well, this is why this Banana Republic top is in the running.  It is linen (a nightmare to iron and keep wrinkle free).  I have never worn it because I know that even if I spent 30 minutes ironing it to smooth perfection that it would just get wrinkled again after 10 minutes of wear.   

Okay, let me know in the comments or on FB; C or D.

Last group:

(left, F) This brown top was purchased at The Limited.  It is fitted at the bottom that gives a billowy look to the top.  It isn't a bad top at all, I just don't ever wear it.  

(right, G)  This maroon top is from The Limited as well.  Again, it isn't a bad top, I just don't wear it.  I guess it would be good for office work, but I don't really do that.

Now get to work people;)  Just kidding, but seriously, I'd LOVE to hear your input!  

Comment here or on the FB page; F or G

I'll let y'all know next week what the decision is and I'll share another round of  'Stay or Away'!

Happy Shopping,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Days Ahead!

Vest: Talbot's (red)
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Urban Outfitters (black)

The temps here are in the negatives and my kids have been home from school for two days now.  It is COLD outside people!  Arianna has also come down with a respiratory and ear infection on top of it all.  Needless to say, we haven't left the house for a few days now.  

Last week I did leave my house for a few hours and this is what I wore.

It's dark, but you get the idea.  I love this red quilted vest that my sweet husband bought me for Christmas.  I wear it all the time and it keeps me super warm.  The boots are great to wear while trudging through snow.  They aren't real leather so I don't have to worry about the salt (used to melt the snow for you Southerners) ruining the leather.  

I would like to add that I now believe every woman should have a red quilted vest in her wardrobe.  Not only are they warm, but they are stylish too.  Red adds a fun pop of color and can be worn with a wide variety of other colors and patterns.  I would wear this vest with leopard print, black and white strips, polka dots, plaid, etc.  Versatile clothing is always best!  Plus, red is such a fun color!  Much better than a boring old black vest:)

If you had (of if you have) a red vest, how do you wear it?  Share your ideas here of on the FB page.

Happy Shopping,