Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stay or Away: Part 2 (and the results from Part 1)

So the first round of Stay or Away was a success and y'all told me what I already knew in my heart to be true.  Get rid of everything!  Well, all of you, with the exception of my friend Tina, who challenged me to make an outfit out of the brown and burgundy tops.

Well, Tina.  I made an outfit out of the brown top, but the other just down't fit me right so I'm donating it too.

The shirt looks purple, but I promise it is brown.  I think I'll hold on to this one a bit longer.

Okay, now I need help deciding if I should get rid of these three skirts.

This green pencil skirt is very high waisted.  I have never worn it, but it is just the perfect shade of green.  Should I keep it and try to ind an outfit around it or send it away?

I may be the only girl left on Earth that has a denim pencil skirt.  I have worn it once this year.  I'm just not sure if denim skirts are really my style or in style at all for that matter.

This is a very nice Limited skirt that I bought from Goodwill.  It is lined, has pockets.  Totally adorable.  The problem is the length and the fact that I have a very similar skirt that fits better.  Should It Stay or go Away???

As far as my daily outfit postings go, I have worn some really adorable outfits lately.  I am saving them for one big post to come later this week:)

Happy Shopping,

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stay or Away: Round 1

I am starting a new game.  It is called 'Stay or Away'.  This is how it works, each week I will share photos of items in my closet and you have to tell me if it should 'stay' or if it should go 'away'.  The decision is 100% up to you so please let me know your thoughts!!!  All 'away' items will be donated to my local Arc Thrift Store.  

Most of these items you have not seen during my one year no shopping challenge.  This is why I need to know if I should keep the item or donate it.  Some items you have seen, but may not be the best fit on my or not in style anymore.  Also, feel free to look back and all my blog posts and tell me if you see an item that should go 'away' from my closet.  

Okay, ready for round one?  

(left, A) The first top is a tank from DKNY.  I have had this tank for a very long time.  I love the embroidered pattern, but that isn't enough to convince me to keep it.  

(center, B) This vest is from GAP.  I thought it would look super adorable with a wide brown belt, skinny jeans and boots.  The problem with this is how it fits my body.  Do I keep it and keep trying to wear it?

(right, C) I bought this top at Kohls.  It is a petite so it is a little on the short side for me (even though I'm short).  I'm not that comfortable wearing it because it is so short.

Now you can help me out by commenting A, B or C in the comments below or on the FB page.

But, I'm not done yet.  I have a few more items to show you!

(left, D)  I am almost too embarrassed to show you all this top.  I bought it from a thrift store because I loved the color.  The embarrassing part is that it is a maternity shirt.  I thought if I tucked it into a cute skirt I could make it work.  Problem is, it still looks like a maternity top (go figure).

(right, E)  Do you have an item in your closet that you have never worn because it is so wrinkled that you don't even want to bother with ironing it?  Well, this is why this Banana Republic top is in the running.  It is linen (a nightmare to iron and keep wrinkle free).  I have never worn it because I know that even if I spent 30 minutes ironing it to smooth perfection that it would just get wrinkled again after 10 minutes of wear.   

Okay, let me know in the comments or on FB; C or D.

Last group:

(left, F) This brown top was purchased at The Limited.  It is fitted at the bottom that gives a billowy look to the top.  It isn't a bad top at all, I just don't ever wear it.  

(right, G)  This maroon top is from The Limited as well.  Again, it isn't a bad top, I just don't wear it.  I guess it would be good for office work, but I don't really do that.

Now get to work people;)  Just kidding, but seriously, I'd LOVE to hear your input!  

Comment here or on the FB page; F or G

I'll let y'all know next week what the decision is and I'll share another round of  'Stay or Away'!

Happy Shopping,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Days Ahead!

Vest: Talbot's (red)
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Urban Outfitters (black)

The temps here are in the negatives and my kids have been home from school for two days now.  It is COLD outside people!  Arianna has also come down with a respiratory and ear infection on top of it all.  Needless to say, we haven't left the house for a few days now.  

Last week I did leave my house for a few hours and this is what I wore.

It's dark, but you get the idea.  I love this red quilted vest that my sweet husband bought me for Christmas.  I wear it all the time and it keeps me super warm.  The boots are great to wear while trudging through snow.  They aren't real leather so I don't have to worry about the salt (used to melt the snow for you Southerners) ruining the leather.  

I would like to add that I now believe every woman should have a red quilted vest in her wardrobe.  Not only are they warm, but they are stylish too.  Red adds a fun pop of color and can be worn with a wide variety of other colors and patterns.  I would wear this vest with leopard print, black and white strips, polka dots, plaid, etc.  Versatile clothing is always best!  Plus, red is such a fun color!  Much better than a boring old black vest:)

If you had (of if you have) a red vest, how do you wear it?  Share your ideas here of on the FB page.

Happy Shopping,

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Blog Is Working Again!!!

I don't know what was going on, but this page was not working at all for a few days.  I have lots of outfits to share, but since there are so may, I won't go into much detail about each of them.

I recently started a cooking blog.  I am enjoying it a lot and already falling behind.  Keeping up with two blogs, three kids and a dog is exhausting, but these blogs are my only creative outlet so I'll stick to it!

This first outfit was worn last Sunday to church.  The top is a burgundy silk top from GAP.  The skirt is a black and gray animal print pencil skirt from Walmart (I know, right?!).  Of course, I wore black tights and my black Mary Jane heels.  I accessorized with a colorful statement necklace from LOFT and a cute Betsy Johnson black belt with a bow on it.

I decided I needed to wear my glasses.  Mind you, these no longer have prescription lenses in them.  They used to, but for whatever reason, I no longer needed the Rx.  I spent over $300 on these designer Kate Spade glasses so I'm going to wear them.  Unfortunately wearing Rx glasses when you don't need Rx glasses gives me a killer headache, so I went to Walmart and paid the eye-guy $20 to switch out the Rx lenses for plain ol' glass lenses.  i wear them because they are cute and I think they make me look cute.  No other reason.  That isn't weird, right?    

I got my mop chopped while shopping in Denver last weekend.  Below is the entire outfit I wore while out and about.  When I am out shopping my main concern is comfort.  I MUST be comfortable in what I am wearing.  I don't understand these people who walk around the mall all day shopping in 4 inch high heels.  It makes me hurt looking at them!

The second thing I think about is style.  I still want to look stylish even if I am wearing comfy clothes.  I decided to wear my teal colored jeans, a black t-shirt, my denim jacket and my black rider boots.  i added a pop of color with a bold statement necklace.

Now these shoes DO hurt my knees.  These are they type of shoe that I only wear if I'm going to be walking for short periods of time or not walking at all.  I swear that Target makes the most uncomfortable shoes in the world!  But, they're cute and I still wear them regardless.  

This necklace is popular this week!  I wore my granny sweater (purchased from a thrift store) with my teal (they look navy blue here for some reason) jeans and my favorite animal print flats.  We had guest over for dinner so I thought this was casual enough for dinner, yet still a little dressed up.  

There you have it!  All my outfits from last week.  Maybe I'll post this week's outfits this week, maybe not.  But please know that even if I have gotten lazy about posting my outfits everyday, I am still sticking to my challenge.  I don't have as much going on in my life as I did when I lived in Alabama so most days I don't wear anything besides yoga pants and an old sweatshirt.  I just don't feel outfits like that are blog worthy:)  I am starting to do more, so I have more reasons to dress-up.  Stick with me and I'll sow you more outfits you can make with the items already in your closet!

Happy Shopping,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 241 & 242: Black and White

Day 241:

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: LOFT
Shoes: Walmart
Beaded Bracelet: Lenny and Eve (Christmas gift from my friend Barbara)
Silver Bracelet: Purchased from a boutique

Today I had a friend over for lunch.  I have been holed up in my home fore the past two days deep cleaning, registering for grad school classes, cooking and starting a new food blog.  Needless to say, for he last few days I have not looked presentable to the world at all!  

Well today I had an excuse to get dressed up.  I invited a friend over for lunch.  I will admit that I was tempted to wear my yoga pants, but a last minute trip to the grocery store forced me into 'real' pants.  

As you can see I kept the outfit casual, but stylish.  I found this top at Old Navy years ago.  This top holds a special memory for me.  I was wearing this top when my husband became a Major in the United States Army (his promotion ceremony).  We were in a room full of people, I had just had my first knee surgery so I was in a huge knee brace that prevented me from bending my leg at all.  Generally, you dress up for a promotion ceremony.       I would've dressed up more, but the brace was so uncomfortable that I had to wear pants underneath.  I wore black slacks, flats and this top.  This top was the 'fancy factor' in the whole ensemble.  

I love this bracelet!!!  I could wear an armful of them!  It is from a company called Lenny and Eve.  They make all kinds of jewelry, but the beaded bracelets are my favorite.

Day 242:

T-Shirt: Old Navy
Vest: Purchased at TJ Maxx
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Ring Premier Jewelry
Earrings: Premier Jewelry

I LOVE to wear black!!!  I have another outfit from this week (that I will share after it's been washed since the sweater met with an unfortunate oatmeal accident before a picture could be taken) that is black too.  

Generally people say not to wear black, black is depressing.  I don't think so.  Wearing black gives you a blank canvas to work with.  Any color goes with black.  Black is sliming.  Black is classically stylish. Black is wonderful!

For the last two days I have worn black and white together.  Love, Love, Love, Love!  

Remember this vest?  I wore it over the summer with a black tank top, rolled up boyfriend jeans and sandals.  This vest is a great example of how you can take one piece and bring it into all seasons.  I wore a long sleeved top, skinny jeans and boots with the vest for a Winter appropriate look.

Sorry this picture is so dark.  My kids get home from school around 4 (and yes, I pick them up and we live less than 1 mile away).  By the time we get in and settled , the sun is already setting so we hurry outside so we can have as much light as possible.  I may just start asking my neighbor to take my pics everyday so we can actually have some light.  Oh the joys of mountain living!  

Happy Shopping.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 238: Winter Isn't Coming, It Has Already Come!

Sweater: Purchased from The Dandy Lion Boutique (Aztec)
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Ariat (brown)
T-shirt: Purchased at Target (black)
Earrings: Banana Republic (gold)

Did you catch that Game of Thrones reference???  I'm a fan of the show and I'm excited that the next season premier is just around the corner!  What's even better is that Game of Thrones is followed by a new (and the last) season of True Blood.  So excited!!!

Okay, enough about HBO shows.  On to today's look.

Today i took the kids up to Woodland Park, which is about an hours drive from our house.  The drive was gorgeous!!!  We drove through the mountains and since we had fresh snow all the trees had a nice powder on them.  It looked like a movie scene.  We visited the Rocky mountain Dinosaur Resource Center.  It is a very small museum, but the have the largest lab in America.  Pretty cool!  Plus, they are the only lab in the world that makes replicas of prehistoric fish.  Who knew!

I know I've worn this sweater several times, but I love it and it keeps me warm enough to where I don't have to wear a heavy coat.  

I want to share something else with you all.  I just started a food blog yesterday.  My family has adopted a new eating lifestyle and I started this blog so I could share recipes, tips and answer questions.    It is called 'Real Food For A Real You'.  You can find it at

Happy Shopping,

Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 237: Baby It's COLD Outside!

Pants: Purchased at Target (black)
Shoes: Purchased at Target (deep burgundy)

This is one of the least flattering pictures I've taken of myself for this blog (and there have been A LOT since I have no idea what I am doing).  It was FREEZING cold outside and I allowed enough time for my husband to take one snapshot.  He wanted to re-do the picture, but I told him I didn't care what it looked like because it was too cold to stand outside and have a photo shoot.   

I originally wanted to wear this sweater (and all it's collared goodness) with a short black skirt, tights, and Mary Jane's.  Well, it was just far too cold for that.  So, I settled on black slacks.  I am excited to say that the slacks are way looser on me than they had been!  

The sweater is adorable, right!?  I LOVE it!!!  It is a large (it was the only size they had left, I usually wear a medium) and I am really hoping that once I wash it it will shrink (There are benefits to cheap fabric choices;) so I can continue wearing it even after I've lost the rest of the poundage.  

Happy Shopping,

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 236: Purple and Animal Print

Sweater: Purchased from a thrift store (some hue of purple)
Jeans: Loft
Flats: Animal print (FABULOUS!!!)

I had a very busy day of baking really disgusting cookies (that turned out more like biscuits) with my kids, going to the park and reading The Hobbit.  I wish there was a sarcasm font!  I did do all those things, but I wasn't busy at all.  It was a fun time and going to the park gave me a great excuse to wear normal clothes (if I'm home all day, I will wear yoga pants and an old gray sweatshirt of which I have three to choose from).

Not a bad outfit for a day at the park.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, animal print is a neutral!  I wear these flats with just about every color possible.  I LOVE THEM!  Everyone needs a pair (or three like me) of animal print shoes.  I have these, and pair of wedges and a pair of flip flops.  A pair for every occasion:)  

Do you have any animal print in your wardrobe?  Depending on what it is, animal print can be considered a classic item (unless it is a pair of animal print pants, ugh!).  Try to find a piece that is versatile and speaks to your personality.  If you just aren't an animal print type of girl, don't feel like you have to have animal print in you wardrobe.  If you don't love it, you won't wear it!  I'm a Texan and we love anything and everything gaudy, so naturally I am drawn to animal prints.  It is engrained in my Texan DNA;)

Happy Shopping,

Day 235: My Big Red Sweater

Sweater: Purchased from a thrift store (red)
Jeans: Luck Brand
Boots: Urban Outfitters (black)

Here is another no make-up picture for you all.  Sorry!  I am really one of those girls that needs to wear make-up all the time, but I hate wearing make-up so...

I wish the lighting in my house was better so you could see the detail of this sweater.  It is a knit sweater.  Super warm and cozy to wear.

 I purchased this sweater from a thrift store.  It has no tag in it so I have no idea what size it is.  I guess it doesn't really matter because I wanted an oversized sweater and I wanted it to be long on me.  I'd really like to wear this with some printed leggings, but I'm not sure if printed leggings are really my style yet or not.  I'll just stick to my skinny jeans and boots.    

Do you wear printed leggings?  I am 32 years old and I'm just not sure if I can pull it off.  I can't buy any so I am waiting until I can find some in a store to try on and if they look good then I'll have to convince my husband to buy them.  That's not cheating, right;)

Give me your input.  Should I try to go the printed leggings route, or just stick to my skinny jeans?  

Happy Shopping,

Day 234: Happy New Year!

Top: Purchased at the Fort Rucker Thrift Store (black and gold sequined)
Jeans: JCP (black)
Pumps: Purchased at Target (black)
Bracelet: (gold)
Earrings: Maurices (gold)

I've just realized I've misspelled sequin in every post I've ever done.  I feel like an idiot.  Spell check didn't pick up on it and I didn't proofread anything before posting.  Oh well, hopefully you all know I meant sequin every time I wrote sequence:)

Okay, so now back to the outfit.  We were invited to a grown ups only New Years Eve party this year. It is the first grown up party we've been to in FOREVER!  When you have small kids and all your friends have small kids, you kind of have to learn to do everything with the little boogers around.  

Anyways, we got a babysitter for the munchkins and headed to our firends' house down the street (literally).  The best part is is that I FINALLY got to wear this amazing top I have been saving to wear  for a NYE party!

I LOVE THIS TOP!!!!!!!!  I am so happy that I finally had a reason to wear it!  I bought it from a thrift store shoulder pads and all (I just cut those bad boys out).

I have seen several tops like this one in several thrift stores so I know they are out there and not hard to find.  Sequined tops are VERY popular right now and can cost a lot of money to buy.  I got this one for less than $10.  You just can't find tops like this one in retail stores for that price!

I paired the top with my black skinny jeans and black patent pumps.  I accessorized with a chunky gold bracelet and gold earrings.

How was your NYE?  What did you wear?  Sequined tops seemed to be a popular choice for a lot of my friends.  What about you?

Happy Shopping,

Day 233: Thrift Store Fail

Scarf: Purchased from (mustard)
Swaeter: Purchased from a thrift store (purple)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Ariat (brown)

Yesterday's post was a example of a successful thrift store purchase.  Today's is an example of an unsuccessful thrift store purchase.  I didn't try this sweater on before I bought it and that was my fault.  

I recommend always trying on clothes before you buy them, especially if you're at a thrift store.  The fit of the sizes is unpredictable since there are so many different brands and also because the clothes can span decades. 

My hair looks like a hot mess!  I'm letting it grow out and I have no idea what to do with it right now.

Anyways, back to the outfit.  As you can see, the fit is horrible and I look very top heavy.  This sweater has been placed in my ever growing donate pile!  If I lose any more weight (which I am planning to lose 10-20 pounds more) these jeans will have to go too.  They are getting way too big on me.  I'm happy to shed the pounds, but I am sad because I love my clothes and I can no longer wear some of them.  

Am I crazy?  Does anyone else out there have an attachment to certain pieces in their wardrobe?   These jeans are a great example.  I bought them when I graduated from college.  All I wanted for graduation was money so I could go shopping (go figure right?!).  My husband planned a girls weekend with my other mother Dalpha (she took over mothering duties after my mom died in 2000), best friend Michelle and sister-in-law Chesley.  We went to Dallas and shopped until we dropped.  I bought these jeans from Banana Republic (the most I've ever spent on jeans).  That was in 2005 and they are in great condition still and my best fitting pair of jeans.  Plus, they hold the very special memory of graduating from college and spending a great weekend with some of the people I love the most.

I have a few pieces I no longer wear tucked in the back of my closet.  The Veggie Tales sweatshirt my mom bought for me the Christmas before she died.  The outfit I left the church in when I got married (it is so tacky now looking back on it!)  And, the blue velour sweatsuit I wore when I brought my oldest child home from the hospital.  They are all sweet memories for me and I can never see myself parting from any of those items.  

So, please tell me about any special memories you have hanging up in your closet.  I'd love to hear your stories!!!  

Happy Shopping,

Day 232: I Wear Your Grandma's Clothes

Sweater: Purchased from a thrift store (ivory and cream)
Jeans: Loft
Booties: Purchased from Target (taupe)

I have a love of big baggy vintage-y sweaters!  If it comes with shoulder pads then that's even better!  The last time I needed to buy sweaters, I just visited my local thrift store and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!!!

My super cheesy husband was acting like he was a professional photography while taking my picture today.  That's why I look super cheesy:)

This sweater is great because a. it is super soft and warm despite it being short sleeved, b. it is a print and c. it is baggy!


If you are ever looking for oversized sweaters (like the kind that are very popular right now and costs A LOT of money in the boutiques and department stores) just visit your local thrift store and see what they have to offer.  Right now they have all the cold weather clothing out so you are sure to find something.

Don't look at the size on the tag.  Sizes change over the years and a medium from the 80's or 90's probably won't fit you the same as a medium from 2014.  

If you find a sweater that you love, but it has shoulder pads all you have to do is cut them out.   Genius right?!:)

If you find a stain on an item you really like, get it anyway.  Try to treat and wash the stain out at home.  Chances are you only spent a couple of dollars on the item so if the stain doesn't come out just toss it or try to repurpose the item.

I hope these tips help and encourage you next time you visit a thrift store.  Don't expect perfection and keep your eyes open.  If you look hard enough there are some real gems you can find!!!

Happy Shopping,