Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tomorrow starts my journey

Tomorrow I begin Day 1 of Metabolic. I have been pre-conditioning for the last week and let me tell you it is hard! I guess I never realized how unhealthy I was eating until I tried to eat healthy. I am craving sugar and given the excuse of,'I haven't officially started yet', has given me reason to cheat.
My breakfast has consisted every morning of two pieces of Melba toast, two egg whites, and sometimes an apple. I'm sure it will get old fast, but I will say I am satisfied longer now that I am actually eating breakfast that I was before. Lunch is hit or miss. I am so often not at home during lunch time so it is hard to eat right. For dinner I have been eating chicken, chicken, chicken and vegetables.
I bought the metabolic cookbook and my goal is to cook one or two recipes from the cookbook everyday with my ultimate goal being to cook almost everything in the cookbook. I say 'almost' because I do not eat pork or shellfish. According to the Bible they are unclean foods. I think tomorrow I will make Cinnamon toast. Sounds yummy right? I have to eat half an orange and a protein everyday too.
Everyday I will post my progress, what I've eaten, and my recipes. I am hoping this blog will help me keep myself accountable. Weird right? I don't expect anyone else to read this, but if you do please leave an encouraging word! God bless and good night.

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