Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting My Read On

So far this year I have managed to read three books.  This is already an improvement of last year where I barely read three books for the whole year.  I haven't read these books by choice however.  I decided that with all the hype going on about the movie "The Hunger Games" and knowing I'd eventually cave and want to go see it, that I need to read the book first.  So I pulled out my handy iPad and downloaded "The Hunger Games".  I have OCD so once I start something I have to finish it and quickly.  I started reading the book around 9pm and read until 2am.  I started back the next morning and was done by noon.  Now "The Hunger Games" is the first book of three so given my OCD I HAD to finish the trilogy and finish it NOW.  No waiting, no relaxing reading before bed.  No, I had to get it done, so I downloaded "Catching Fire" book two of the trilogy.  I read through it in a day.  I took time out to feed myself and my children, run errands, and break up fights between my kids, I even showered so I'm not as obsessed as you might think.  By that evening I was downloading the last book of the trilogy, "Mockingjay".  I read through that book in one day as well.  I am glad I am done, because those books are down right depressing!!!  I don't know how it can be categorized as juvenile fiction.  I wouldn't let my kids read them.  The books definitely were not wrapped up in the nice bow that the "Twilight Saga" was wrapped up in.  Regardless of how I feel about the books, it felt good to be reading again.  I've missed it a lot and I hope this year I will read more than last.    

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