Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting back to it!

I have finally decided on a vision for this blog.  I am going to take what I do best...Shopping, and turn it into a daily blog.  I am a Pinterest addict like I'm sure most of you are.  Pinterest has inspired me to remake my closet.  I didn't have to do much since I already had a closet full of clothes that I never wore because I didn't know how to wear them.  I have been playing in my closet a lot lately mixing and matching different items I already have and making epically adorable and trendy outfits.  I am hoping that this daily blog will help people find new life in the clothes they already own.

It's not just going to be about clothes!  I am also an avid movie goer and foodie.  I am hoping to incorporate this into my blog as well.  I am excited to have a creative outlet and equally as excited to have an excuse to play dress up daily:)


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