Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I LOVE to shop!!!!!!  I find that shopping for me reduces stress and helps me to clear my head and think.  Of course, before I set out shopping I give myself a budget or a goal.  By goal, I mean that I decide on something specific I will be out searching for.  This makes shopping fun, especially when you shop at discount chains like TJ MAXX, Ross, Goodwill, ect.  When you are searching for your 'golden item' at these types of stores you have to dig through EVERYTHING or you may miss what you are looking for.

I know A LOT of people who avoid discount stores because they are overwhelming.  There is so much stuff and nothing seems to be organized.  It's not like walking into Old Navy and knowing that all the jeans are stacked neatly on the wall, organized by style and size.  No, these kinds of stores are organized a bit more chaotically.

I recommend before you visit a TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, Goodwill, that you wear comfortable clothes, make sure you are hydrated, try to go without any kids!  Why?, well because the aisles are tight and people are frantically digging through everything and kids are grabby little boogers going to get bored.   You don't need any added distractions and children are distracting!  Also, make sure you are not on a tight time schedule.  You will want to take as much time as you need to look at everything.

Now, I know this all sounds very hectic.  It will get easier.  Once you learn the layout of the store and have an idea of what is where, you'll be able to navigate the store with much more ease.  Also, think of all the money you are saving by buying at discount stores.  You can find name brand items for 20%-80% off retail.  That is AMAZING!  I once bought a Calving Klein formal dress at TJ MAXX for $30.  Who does that?!


Next time you decide to run to the mall for a dress, blouse, pair of shoes, whatever, try going to a discount store first.  Try to be open to slightly adjusting your image of what you want.  By this I mean, if you are looking for a one shoulder navy blue cocktail dress be prepared to not find exactly that.  You may find a light blue spaghetti strap dress, or a red one shoulder dress.  Be open minded when shopping.


This will become addictive!  I have to warn you to not go overboard.  Don't buy something just because the price is great.  If you already have 20 pairs of jeans, you don't really need to buy that pair of Lucky jeans just because they are $40.  If the clothes don't speak to you or fulfill a specific purpose in your wardrobe, DON'T BUY IT!!!  I can't tell you how many times I've bought a top or dress just because it was a good price.  All those items are still hanging in my closet and NOT being worn.  That is wasted money and wasted closet space.  Buy what you need and occasionally buy a special piece just because.  Try on clothes before you buy them.  Just because an outfit assemble looks good on some random chick on Pinterest, doesn't mean it will look good on you.  We all have different body types.

With all that being said, have fun and happy shopping!!!


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