Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stay or Away: Part 2 (and the results from Part 1)

So the first round of Stay or Away was a success and y'all told me what I already knew in my heart to be true.  Get rid of everything!  Well, all of you, with the exception of my friend Tina, who challenged me to make an outfit out of the brown and burgundy tops.

Well, Tina.  I made an outfit out of the brown top, but the other just down't fit me right so I'm donating it too.

The shirt looks purple, but I promise it is brown.  I think I'll hold on to this one a bit longer.

Okay, now I need help deciding if I should get rid of these three skirts.

This green pencil skirt is very high waisted.  I have never worn it, but it is just the perfect shade of green.  Should I keep it and try to ind an outfit around it or send it away?

I may be the only girl left on Earth that has a denim pencil skirt.  I have worn it once this year.  I'm just not sure if denim skirts are really my style or in style at all for that matter.

This is a very nice Limited skirt that I bought from Goodwill.  It is lined, has pockets.  Totally adorable.  The problem is the length and the fact that I have a very similar skirt that fits better.  Should It Stay or go Away???

As far as my daily outfit postings go, I have worn some really adorable outfits lately.  I am saving them for one big post to come later this week:)

Happy Shopping,

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