Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello everyone!  I am back and ready to blog again!  I will keep this blog and title, but I am expanding my focus.  I will be blogging about anything and everything.  Plus, I have a great co-blogger, Zanne Willis.  She is my super cool friend that lives in L.A.  She'll be posting about all sorts of things too.

You may wonder where I've been and what I have been up to and why did I ever quit blogging in the first place.  Well, great ready for some down right righteous truth.  I quit in February 2014 because I was falling a-p-a-r-t!  Majorly.  I felt like my marriage was crumbling away.  I was having panic/anxiety attacks.  I felt so isolated and alone since moving to Colorado.  Having a special needs toddler kept me in the house for weeks at a time.  I didn't have any friends or any sort of social interaction with anyone besides my kids.  My husband was working 16-18 hour days and was miserable at his job and he was TDY every single month.  I had some very serious issues going on with my family in TX.  It was all just too much for me to handle at one time.  I became a shell of a person.  During those last few months of the blog, I'd get dressed just so I'd have a picture to post.  I spent my days in Yoga pants and t-shirts doing absolutely nothing expect what needed to be done for my children.  I was placed last.

I knew I needed to step away from the blog and get myself right again.  I really opened up to my Bible study group about what I was going through.  I prayed, I forgave and then I stared to rebuild.  My husband moved to another job (Praise GOD!).  Things were so much better at home when that happened.  He wasn't miserable, so I wasn't miserable.  Arianna started receiving speech and occupational therapy in our home.  Once she was diagnosed as special needs we knew what to do to help her and she stared blooming.  She also started preschool which gives me time to get out and run errands, get my hair done, shop and meet up with the friends I've made.  God's blessed me with a few great friends around here.  We meet up for shopping trips, breakfast, or just sit on my porch and drink tea.  I've also lost the weight I put on during my dark days.  11 pounds so far has melted off of my body thanks to the 21 Day Fix.  I am still going strong.  I have much higher physical goals for myself than just losing the weight I've gained.  I feel great and exercise really does make you happy.

Anyways, I just wanted to share what I've been up to.  I am excited to be back and I hope you all will follow along.


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Jessica Fitzgerald said...

I'm so glad we met! And not just because you help me organize my crap! ;)