Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 1 and 2: It's just the beginning...

I'm so excited about this year's closet challenge, but even with all that excitement, my first two outfits aren't much to write home about...but, they fit the bill for the day's activities perfectly!  I'll be posting links to each item I post or something similar, you know, in case you "need" something you see!

Day 1:  Needless to say, I was traveling all day on January 1st!  We spent the holidays in the Midwest, so it was a LONG day of traveling back to the PNW!  Since I travel with 2 kiddos and all of the luggage that comes with them, gone are my days of travel chic.  I now travel practically as far as my outfit goes for travel days!  I was a hot mess by the time I got home, so you don't get to see my bright smiling face, but just a quick picture of the OOTD!

These jeans are getting washed immediately and put in the consignment pile!  I spent the day rushing between gates (SPOILER ALERT:  I don't get to the airport early) and having to constantly pull up my jeans...bonus, I dropped another pants size!  With those ill fitting jeans, this sweatshirt to the rescue...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I got it two years ago right have Christmas and it had to live in my closet during my pregnancy, so I've been showing it some love recently!  The layering tee is one that has been in my closet for some time now, the nice thing about this specific shirt is that it's a seamless style, so the material doesn't fade...I hate a faded black tee!

Puma Extended Neck Zip-up (available here in blue)

Day 2:  After a day of travel, I hardly got a chance to relax...this family got right back in the groove today!  Ice skating lessons for little man, grocery shopping to fill the EMPTY fridge and organizing the 9 suitcases that returned home!

I love a good vest!  This GAP vest is no exception, it's easily been in my closet for 5 years!  But, it's perfect in so many ways.  It's not too puffy, it has a central elastic pull cord to cinch in order to maintain a girlish curve and the buttons give it something different than a standard zipper!

These are the replacement jeans that will fit the bill since I threw yesterday's jeans in the consignment pile!  I got these a few days before Christmas and since I decided to do this challenge...thank goodness I got them when I did!  These were definitely needed!

After detailing my accessories, I realized that my husband has delivered with quite a few little blue boxes!  He's the best!

Please excuse my husband's inability to
remove himself from a picture!  I make no promises
regarding photog skills over the course of this year!

(nothing super close, but these would fit the bill for a staple black vest)

Mine was a steal from T.J. Maxx that watched and watched 
until it finally got marked down and I snagged it!
My push present from AFack after having our little man!
Shameless plug---this was from a set of custom wish 
bracelets made a sweet Mama's baby shower


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