Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 14: Sewing, Ironing, Momming

That just about sums up my does this picture.  The lighting is horrible, the angle leaves much to be desired, and it's LOUD in SO many ways!  But, isn't that life somedays!  Today's outfit was perfect for one of those kind of days!

Picture courtesy:  Caitlin Thomas

So things I love!  This sweatshirt, however, I now know how badly it photographs!  It's super cute it back and is completely open...which normally I would think is so strange, but somehow it just works (just not for pictures, thus, the crazy wing on my left side:)!  But let's be honest who gets their picture taken on the reg in a "comfy day" sweatshirt?

It's freezing here in the PNW!  Everyone thinks that on days that it doesn't rain it must just be wonderful, but no rain equals FREEZING cold days!  So, my boot wearing flip flops between Uggs and Hunters!
Sweatshirt:  GAP
Jeans:  AE Skinny Jeans
Boots:  UGG Grey Bailey Button Triplet

Another week almost done!  If you're counting down with me...I'm one pay period down!  Or is that up?


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