Monday, April 29, 2013

Goodwill Surprise

Question, How many of you have shopped at Goodwill?  If you haven't, why the heck not???  I know some Goodwill stores look super sketch and may not be in the best part of town, but trust me, it's worth a trip there!

I feel like I preach Goodwill shopping a lot on this blog.

Anyways, if you aren't comfortable with shopping at Goodwill yet, try shopping at a consignment store first.  Consignment stores are very particular with the items they sell.  Usually they will only accept certain brands and the clothes have to be in great condition.  Consignment stores are great too, if you want to sell your clothes.  Perhaps you have some really nice pieces that you don't necessarily want to drop off at Goodwill, try taking them to a consignment store.  You will receive about 40% of what each items sells for.  Not bad!

I want to share a fun story with you all about the wonders of Goodwill.  My best friend Michelle and I were visiting each other last summer in Texas.  I drove down to Round Rock, TX to visit her and we were going to have a day of shopping (our favorite hobby!).  I had on a pair of Gap outlet denim cuffed shorts.  She instantly fell in love with the shorts I had on.  Unfortunately, I bought the shorts a few years ago and I doubted we'd be able to find a pair just like them for her.  Well, later on during the day we decided to check out her local Goodwill.  Let me just say, it was AMAZING!!!  Anyways, we spilt up and did some shopping.  She was on the hunt for some denim cuffed shorts.  I was on the hunt for a bargain.  After half and hour of shopping we met up.  I had a cart full of clothes and she was empty handed.  She hadn't found any shorts:(  I decided I was going to comb the racks for her.  What did I find???  Yes, I found the EXACT same pair of Gap cuffed denim shorts that I had on and that Michelle wanted so badly AND they were in her size.  We were both so astonished.  Isn't that just crazy?!?!    

Moral of the story, you never know what you may find at Goodwill!

Happy Shopping,

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