Monday, April 22, 2013

Score 1 for Thrifting

Today I went to a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon were I was nominated for the Helping Hand Award.  I won!!! I was very surprised by the honor.  The attire was casual, but I am not one to dress casually;)  I decided to wear my adorable Limited black and white animal print wrap dress.

This picture is of me wearing the dress to my friend Tina's (above) husband's WOC school graduation

After the ceremony I was approached by the manager of the Thrift Shop on Fort Rucker (she happens to be a friend of mine).  She complimented me on my dress and I was more than happy to tell her that I had bought it in her shop last year.  She said, 'You're kidding!", to which I replied, "Nope".  

I am always so happy when I can tell someone that what I am wearing came from a thrift store.  The looks of shock never get old :)  

Happy Shopping,

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