Thursday, April 11, 2013

TJ Maxx Gift Card Give-A-Way and Who Do You Dress For?

If you need help finding clothes that you love and that don't break the bank, well then I have the perfect gift for you!!!  Once I reach 50 followers on my blog, I will have a drawing for a $25 TJ Maxx gift card!!!!  So hurry up and follow the blog for your chance to win the gift card.  But I'm not stopping there!  Once I reach 100 followers I will have a drawing for a $50 Old Navy gift card.  Both of these stores offer cute, affordable fashion finds for everyone.

Now back to my daily post:)

Women dress for many reasons.  We dress for comfort, to impress others, to make our husband's drool or we just stay in our pajamas all day and stay dressed for bed:)  That last one is my favorite!!!  Whatever the reason is behind what clothing you wear on a daily basis, remember, the best reason for what you wear is to please yourself.  If you like what you have on, well then, good for you!  I found this little tid-bit on the internet the other day and It got me thinking, "who do I dress for"?

I realized I dress mainly for myself, but I also dress to impress (except on the days I teach yoga, on those days I look like a hot yoga mess!).  So ask yourself, "Who do I dress for?".


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