Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 233: Thrift Store Fail

Scarf: Purchased from (mustard)
Swaeter: Purchased from a thrift store (purple)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Ariat (brown)

Yesterday's post was a example of a successful thrift store purchase.  Today's is an example of an unsuccessful thrift store purchase.  I didn't try this sweater on before I bought it and that was my fault.  

I recommend always trying on clothes before you buy them, especially if you're at a thrift store.  The fit of the sizes is unpredictable since there are so many different brands and also because the clothes can span decades. 

My hair looks like a hot mess!  I'm letting it grow out and I have no idea what to do with it right now.

Anyways, back to the outfit.  As you can see, the fit is horrible and I look very top heavy.  This sweater has been placed in my ever growing donate pile!  If I lose any more weight (which I am planning to lose 10-20 pounds more) these jeans will have to go too.  They are getting way too big on me.  I'm happy to shed the pounds, but I am sad because I love my clothes and I can no longer wear some of them.  

Am I crazy?  Does anyone else out there have an attachment to certain pieces in their wardrobe?   These jeans are a great example.  I bought them when I graduated from college.  All I wanted for graduation was money so I could go shopping (go figure right?!).  My husband planned a girls weekend with my other mother Dalpha (she took over mothering duties after my mom died in 2000), best friend Michelle and sister-in-law Chesley.  We went to Dallas and shopped until we dropped.  I bought these jeans from Banana Republic (the most I've ever spent on jeans).  That was in 2005 and they are in great condition still and my best fitting pair of jeans.  Plus, they hold the very special memory of graduating from college and spending a great weekend with some of the people I love the most.

I have a few pieces I no longer wear tucked in the back of my closet.  The Veggie Tales sweatshirt my mom bought for me the Christmas before she died.  The outfit I left the church in when I got married (it is so tacky now looking back on it!)  And, the blue velour sweatsuit I wore when I brought my oldest child home from the hospital.  They are all sweet memories for me and I can never see myself parting from any of those items.  

So, please tell me about any special memories you have hanging up in your closet.  I'd love to hear your stories!!!  

Happy Shopping,

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