Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 237: Baby It's COLD Outside!

Pants: Purchased at Target (black)
Shoes: Purchased at Target (deep burgundy)

This is one of the least flattering pictures I've taken of myself for this blog (and there have been A LOT since I have no idea what I am doing).  It was FREEZING cold outside and I allowed enough time for my husband to take one snapshot.  He wanted to re-do the picture, but I told him I didn't care what it looked like because it was too cold to stand outside and have a photo shoot.   

I originally wanted to wear this sweater (and all it's collared goodness) with a short black skirt, tights, and Mary Jane's.  Well, it was just far too cold for that.  So, I settled on black slacks.  I am excited to say that the slacks are way looser on me than they had been!  

The sweater is adorable, right!?  I LOVE it!!!  It is a large (it was the only size they had left, I usually wear a medium) and I am really hoping that once I wash it it will shrink (There are benefits to cheap fabric choices;) so I can continue wearing it even after I've lost the rest of the poundage.  

Happy Shopping,

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