Monday, January 27, 2014

The Blog Is Working Again!!!

I don't know what was going on, but this page was not working at all for a few days.  I have lots of outfits to share, but since there are so may, I won't go into much detail about each of them.

I recently started a cooking blog.  I am enjoying it a lot and already falling behind.  Keeping up with two blogs, three kids and a dog is exhausting, but these blogs are my only creative outlet so I'll stick to it!

This first outfit was worn last Sunday to church.  The top is a burgundy silk top from GAP.  The skirt is a black and gray animal print pencil skirt from Walmart (I know, right?!).  Of course, I wore black tights and my black Mary Jane heels.  I accessorized with a colorful statement necklace from LOFT and a cute Betsy Johnson black belt with a bow on it.

I decided I needed to wear my glasses.  Mind you, these no longer have prescription lenses in them.  They used to, but for whatever reason, I no longer needed the Rx.  I spent over $300 on these designer Kate Spade glasses so I'm going to wear them.  Unfortunately wearing Rx glasses when you don't need Rx glasses gives me a killer headache, so I went to Walmart and paid the eye-guy $20 to switch out the Rx lenses for plain ol' glass lenses.  i wear them because they are cute and I think they make me look cute.  No other reason.  That isn't weird, right?    

I got my mop chopped while shopping in Denver last weekend.  Below is the entire outfit I wore while out and about.  When I am out shopping my main concern is comfort.  I MUST be comfortable in what I am wearing.  I don't understand these people who walk around the mall all day shopping in 4 inch high heels.  It makes me hurt looking at them!

The second thing I think about is style.  I still want to look stylish even if I am wearing comfy clothes.  I decided to wear my teal colored jeans, a black t-shirt, my denim jacket and my black rider boots.  i added a pop of color with a bold statement necklace.

Now these shoes DO hurt my knees.  These are they type of shoe that I only wear if I'm going to be walking for short periods of time or not walking at all.  I swear that Target makes the most uncomfortable shoes in the world!  But, they're cute and I still wear them regardless.  

This necklace is popular this week!  I wore my granny sweater (purchased from a thrift store) with my teal (they look navy blue here for some reason) jeans and my favorite animal print flats.  We had guest over for dinner so I thought this was casual enough for dinner, yet still a little dressed up.  

There you have it!  All my outfits from last week.  Maybe I'll post this week's outfits this week, maybe not.  But please know that even if I have gotten lazy about posting my outfits everyday, I am still sticking to my challenge.  I don't have as much going on in my life as I did when I lived in Alabama so most days I don't wear anything besides yoga pants and an old sweatshirt.  I just don't feel outfits like that are blog worthy:)  I am starting to do more, so I have more reasons to dress-up.  Stick with me and I'll sow you more outfits you can make with the items already in your closet!

Happy Shopping,

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hotmomma said...

Hey were are the two necklaces from? Particularly the three layer one? And the teal jeans too? Loved your outfits last week. ;)