Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 170: Fancy Date Night!

Cardi: Cremieux (cream with gold sequence)
Dress: Maurices (black)
Shoes: Marc Jacobs (gold and black)

My husband and I had a fancy schmancy date night tonight!  I was so excited to get out and spend some alone time with him at a really nice restaurant with really amazing food!  Plus, I got to dress up and I love to dress up!

The best part of my outfit tonight was having an excuse to break out my they-stay-in-the-box-all-the-time-because-they-are-so-expensive Marc Jacobs shoes.  I only have two pairs of shoes that I keep in their original shoe box.  These Marc Jacobs shoes and a pair of very special Steve Madden shoes (I wore them when I met Paula Deen).  All the rest of my shoes are on shoe racks, most collecting dust.

Anyways, although these are genuine Marc Jacobs shoes, I didn't spend a lot of money purchasing them.  In fact, I found these puppies while shopping at a department store closing sale.  I was drawn to the brand name (shameful I know!).  However, it was the price that sold me.  These shoes were originally priced at $365.00.  I however, bought them for $70.00.  That is still a lot for me to spend on non-essentail shoes, but I couldn't pass them up!

Sorry for the spooky red eyes!  Blue eyes and camera flashes don't mix well:)

Question: Have you ever come across a deal that was too good to pass up?  Have you ever gotten an amazing deal on a high end designer item?  Spill!  I want to hear all about it!

Happy Shopping,

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