Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 182: Southwestern Aztec

Sweater: Purchased at The Dandy Lion Boutique
Chambray top: JCP
Tee: Purchased at Goodwill (white)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Purchased at Target (brown)

I had plans today.  Had being the key word.  The snow came and it came hard!!!  Whatever I had planned to do could wait!  That didn't keep me from getting dressed however.  Normally, I would just say, "Well, no blog post today, I'm staying in my yoga pants and sweat shirt".  But, I realized I've been doing that A LOT lately.  So, I got dressed:)

Despite the three layers, I was still freezing!  

Okay, so let's talk layers!  How do you feel about wearing layers?  For me, I feel fatter than I already am.  Bulk is NOT my friend.  This is why I never wear a button down top under a sweater.  Too much bulk for me.  Plus, with my chest size being on the larger side,  adding more layers just makes them look bigger.  

Even though this is layers, they are open layers.  There is not bulk over my chest or stomach.  This is a great way to layer, without making yourself look bigger.

Belts are always a good option too!

Nate rarely ever smiles for pictures.  Y'all are all very lucky he is smiling for this one!

Happy Shopping,

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