Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well it is day 3 (hence the 3 in the title)!  I am still totally pumped and not yet going through shopping withdrawal.   I'm sure it will happen,  All addicts have withdrawal when they quit an addiction, but so far, so good.

I am totally stocked about today's post because I have 2 outfits to share with you all and I will reveal  the winner of the $25 ModCloth gift certificate!!!

Okay, so outfit number 1 has a fun story behind it.  Today at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel)  the board members were asked to dress according to the decade in which we were born.  I was born in 1981 so I had to come up with an early 80's looking outfit.  I had the perfect item already in my closet.

When I went to visit my Grandma last summer in Texas, I remembered a housecoat I had seen before hanging on the back of her bathroom door.  When I went to visit her I asked her if she still had that housecoat.  She told me she did and I asked her if I could have it.  She asked my why I wanted it and I told her that I wanted to wear it as a dress.  She didn't understand why on earth I'd want an old lady housecoat, but I told her that once I added a belt to the dress it would look totally adorable.  Well, she wasn't using the old housecoat anymore so she gave it to me.  That was last year and since then I haven't had the opportunity or courage to wear the housecoat/dress in public.  Enter PWOC decade day.

The coat dress is black with pinkish coral flowers and brown leaves.  It has a high collar neck with a key hole in the front.  I paired the dress with a brown leather braided belt that I bought from Goodwill and brown platform wedges I recently purchased from Ross for $16.99.  I can't believe I received so many compliments on this outfit!  I LOVED telling everyone at PWOC that the dress was my Grandma's old housecoat.  It was priceless!

The second outfit for today keeps in with the polka dot theme for the week although, I am seriously thinking that the theme should've been polka dots and pink.  

I didn't want anyone to think that in order to wear polka dots you have to wear a shirt, sweater, skirt, etc.  You can add subtle hints of polka dots in as your accessories.  Try wearing a polka dot scarf, belt,  shoes, a headband, a purse, jewelry.  There are really so many options!

I decided to wear  a polka dot scarf I bought several months ago from Wal-Mart as a belt.  Wearing scarves as belts is something I've done for years!  Scarves are cheap (depending where you buy them) and add a fun touch to an outfit as a belt, head scarf or worn around the neck.  I paired the scarf with a sheer hot pink blouse I purchased on clearance from ModCloth.com and a pair of black shorts with white piping detail that I recently purchased from a Banana Republic outlet.

Okay, now the really fun part.  Time to reveal the winner of the $25 ModCloth.com gift certificate (I wish I had a drumroll!).  And the winner is....... Erin Fackler!!!  Erin commented on Facebook.  Thank you so much for following the blog Erin!  I will email you your gift certificate right away!

There is still a $25 TJ Maxx gift card giveaway happening once the blog reaches 50 followers.  So, if you still haven't signed up to follow the blog, please do so and tell your friends!

As always, Happy Shopping,

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Candice coatney said...

Love the housecoat. Of course you pull this classy look off.