Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 17: It's Too Hot To Be Wearing This!

Top: JCPenney (chambray)
Skirt: Old Navy (black and white chevron)
Shoes: TJ Maxx, Kenneth Cole Reaction (black with bead work)

I'm still on my chambray kick today plus, I didn't feel like shaving my legs so my only options were jeans (it's just too hot for jeans) or a long dress or skirt.  I decided to wear my lovely black and white chevron maxi that I purchased last year from Old Navy.  I thought it would be fun to wear my chambray button up, with my maxi, just so I could show the versatility of a chambray button up once again.  If you remember, only two days ago we were discussing the many ways to wear chambray.  If you need a refresher click here. 


To get this look find a maxi skirt or dress that (heck, a shorter skirt or dress will work too!).  Add a chambray top  (why can't it just be called denim???), button half-way down, take ends and tie together, roll the shirt under all the way around, and you are done!  Easy peasy!!!  

*Wear a tank top under the button up if you want.

This combo is very comfortable and stylish!  Chambray tops can be found in almost any store and in a wide variety of styles.  Pick what fits your personality best and go for it.  If chambray just isn't your thing then ignore everything I've just said;).  Below are some links to online stores that are currently selling chambray tops.  Click on the store name and enjoy!

Old Navy




Happy Shopping,


Candice coatney said...

Hey Christin,
So I finally figured out how to follow your blog. Apparently I was following something else on the side of the page. Cute outfit by the way. LOL!

Christin James said...

Happy to see you on here finally Candice:)