Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 15: Chambray All The Way!

Dress: New York and Company (Chambray)
Shoes: Mia, purchased from Dillard's (brown leather)
Ring: Charming Charlie
Belt: Maurice's (brown stretch)
Earrings: Banana Republic Factory Store (gold)

What in the world is chambray anyway?


A linen-finished gingham cloth with a white weft and a colored warp, producing a mottled appearance.

Let me start off by saying that I've had this dress for a few years.  I bought it well before chambray was such a big deal.  Maybe I'm just ahead of my time:)  I just don't know.  What I do know is that this dress is one of the most comfortable things I have in my closet.  The fabric is super soft and the dress is very loose, hence the belt, oh and this dress has POCKETS!!!  Who doesn't love a dress with pockets???  

Today, my friend Michelle and I decided to dress alike for church.  I wanted to show a couple of ways you can chambray.  I am wearing a dress and Michelle has on the, ever so popular , chambray button down shirt.  She layered her top with a bright colored tank and matching accessories.  She looked super adorable today!!!  She is also wearing super trendy white ankle pants.  Way to go Michelle, you look fabulous!

Chambray is very hot right now and a great addition to any wardrobe!  Chambray is classic and will always be in style.  You can wear  a chambray dress, like the one I have on, with heels, flat sandals, ballet flats, boots, wedges, really any kind of shoe!  I wear this dress in the winter time with a cardigan and boots and it looks adorable.  A chambray button down top can be worn with any color pants or shorts.  It can be worn with a dressy skirt, pencil skirt, maxi skirt (just tuck it in!).  If you need more ideas on how to wear chambray, just look at Pinterest.  There are TONS of ideas on how you can wear chambray anyway everyday.  I'm having too much fun rhyming today:)  

Happy Shopping,


Candice coatney said...

I love love love that dress! When I have a flat stomach again, I'm buying one like it!

Christin James said...

I don't have a flat stomach:)