Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 13: 3rd Grade Awards Day

Top: TJ Maxx (navy blue with silver bead work)
Skirt: TJ Maxx (black
Sandals: Old Navy (black)
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet: purchased from a boutique
Earrings: Banana Republic Factory Store

Today my oldest son Thomas finished 3rd grade!  I can't believe he is getting so big so fast!  I also can't believe how smart he is.  He made all A's this year.  In fact, the kid has never made a B on his report card.  I am one super proud Mom!!!

I wanted to look nice, but stay comfortable for todays awards ceremony at his school.  Plus I didn't want to shave my legs, so I knew a maxi dress or skirt would be the item of choice today:)

 A Clone Trooper decided to get in the picture with me:)  

This wasn't necessarily my favorite outfit. That may be a good thing too, because I ended up with a bleach stain on the bottom of the shirt at some point today and a little bleach spot on the skirt.  I think next time, I'll wear the top with black or white shorts.

That is what is fun about fashion.  You have to play around with it, see what works.  This isn't a bad looking outfit, but I didn't feel great in it.  You should always leave your house feeling great.  If that is a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, then so be it.  Find what makes you feel the best and go with it!

However, I love my maxi skirt so instead of letting a tiny bleach spot ruin it for me, I'm just going to color in the spot with a black Sharpie.  I've done this before and it works rather well!  If I can find my navy blue Sharpie, I'll do the same thing to the shirt!  It is all about being creative!

Happy Shopping,


ErinRuby said...

It would have looked super cute tucked in too and pull the skirt up just a touch closer to your natural waist...just another way to change the outfit:)

Christin James said...

Totally Erin! Will do for next time. I'll have to tuck in that top from now on anyways since it has a bleach spot on it now:/

Candice coatney said...

Very Cute!