Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 5: Polka Dots at the Nail Salon

I wanted to share with you all that I have insomnia.  For the last few nights my insomnia has been VERY bad!  My husband asked me what in my routine had changed and I realized that I haven't been able to sleep since I started the blog.  I am so excited about the blog that I spend hours laying in bed thinking of new outfit ideas.  Crazy right?!  Anyways, while laying in bed (not sleeping) two nights ago, I remembered that I recently purchased this adorable sheer mint and corla polka dot top.  It's sad when you have so many clothes that you forget what is in your closet!  I'm loving the mint and coral color trend.  It screams Summer to me! 

I know I said that I said I'm not a fan of the neon trend, but I couldn't pass up these neon yellow shorts from the Gap outlet!  They aren't an 'in your face neon', but neon nonetheless.  I wanted to pair my mint and coral top, from Ross, with yellow in order to show you all that your clothes don't have to be matchy matchy.  It is all about COORDINATION!  If I had coral shorts, I wouldh've worn them, but I don't.  So, I make due with what I have and I have yellow:)  White shorts would also look great with this top too.  I decided to wear my brown wedges (another Ross purchase) to round the outfit out.     

And yes, I am posing for today's picture at my favorite nail salon.  I happened to run into a friend of mine, who was enjoying a pedicure and she offered to take my picture (thanks Amanda!). 
My manicurionst, Jackie, asked if she could 'dot' up my nails, umm, yes, of course!  Like I would ever say, 'No', to polka dotted anything.  Jackie added a subtel light blue polka dot design to my ring fingure.  I love it!!!  Thank you Jackie and thank you Jennifer's Nail Care for always making me feel pretty and pampered!  Check out Jennifer's Nail Care here
Last, but not least, I am wearing my favorite octopus stretch bracelet.  It was a gift from my fabulous L.A. friend Zanne.  Thank you Zanne!!!

That's it for today!  Thanks for reading!!!
Happy Shopping,


hotmomma said...

I REALLY like the octopus bracelet! I've never given Octopus's a second thought, EVER. But now I have to go find me! Thanks for the inspiration.

Christin James said...

LOVE my octopus bracelet!!!