Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 7, 8 and 9: Playing Catch Up!

I have been without internet since Friday night, so I apologize for skipping out this weekend.  I do have outfits for you though:).  I was super busy all day Saturday moving.  By the end of the day we had most of the house unpacked and we were exhausted!!!  I have a set of super comfy blue and white polka dot pajamas that I LOVE!  It is a bit much having polka dots head to toe, but I don't care!  So, once all our friends left for the day, I put on my pj's and relaxed on the couch with my family.  These pj's were another Dillard's outlet purchase.

And with that I round out my one week of wearing polka dots.  I hope I have inspired you to add polka dots to your wardrobe.

Day 8: I honestly wore these same pajamas all day while unpacking.  Nothing new to show for Sunday, sorry!

Day 9 was a lot more fun.  I had to go into the AFTB office to prep for a class I am teaching tomorrow, so I was able to dress up a bit.  It felt good to be out of those pajamas:).  I traded in my polka dots for stripes.  

I love this blue and white stripped dress from Maurices!  I think it looks very nautical.  I accessorized with a mustard yellow belt, red enamel heart shaped earrings and a white metal bracelet.  I am not one to wear matchy matchy accessories!  Accessories DO NOT have to match, they need to COORDINATE!  Okay, lesson over.

The good thing about having to wear every article of clothing in my closet within this one year challenge is that I am starting to know which items I need to get rid of ASAP!  Today's outfit, although adorably cute, was hard on my feet.  I bought these espadrille lace up shoes from Goodwill and I have never worn them before today.  They are Steve Madden, a brand I usually love and find very comfortable.  Not the case with these shoes.  My feet felt like they were on fire all day.  They will definitely be part of the clothing swap I am hoping to plan at some point this year.   

Well that's it for today.  
Happy Shopping,

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