Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 19: Keep It or Toss It???

Dress: Goodwill (blue and white stripes)
Shoes: GAP Outlet (yellow)
Jewlery: Dandy Lion Boutique

I need your honest opinion today!  Should I keep this dress or toss it out?  I bought this 'dress' at Goodwill last summer.  It is actually a house gown.  I thought if I added a belt, I could make my very own shirt dress.  Plus, I like the nautical flair.  So, what do you think?


 A closer look.

I had Thomas snap one more picture before we headed out.  Isn't Arianna adorable?

Okay, now it's time to tell me the truth.  Maybe I'm being over critical of myself?  Maybe I'm right on in thinking this outfit isn't doing me any favors in the style department.  I just can't decide, so that is why I need your help.  Comment below or on the FB page.  Thanks in advance!

Happy Shopping,


supermomma said...

I think the concept is there and I am sure it is was a good deal. I have tons of these types of these "undecided" items in my closet. Usually they were pretty cheap, and I want them to work--but I don't feel my best when I try to wear them... I need to edit too!

Maybe you just need to try styling it different. I like the skinny belt under the bust concept--but maybe try it with a wider, chunkier belt--either at the waist or low slung/hipster. I could see a camel/brown colored braided belt...and a long necklace. Just a thought! Only cause you!

Christin James said...
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Christin James said...

Thanks! I think the skinny belt up so high makes my boobs look crazy big and not in a good way! I will try a camel color belt next time.