Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Office Ready Polka Dots and A Thrift Store Magical Find!

I do a lot of volunteer work for different Army organizations.  The one I've been with the longest is AFTB (Army Family Team Building).  I have been the AFTB Volunteer Program Manager for over 4 years now.  For the most part I go in at least one day a week to work.  Today I went in because a) I had to prep for an upcoming class, b) I had to get out of the house and c) I needed to wear a business appropriate polka dot outfit for the blog :)!!!  While I didn't snap a picture of myself doing any actual work, I was able to get my darling husband to take a picture of me after we arrived home.

I was very happy with how today's outfit came together.  I hadn't worn these pieces as an outfit before, but isn't that the purpose of this challenge?  To create new outfit combos with clothes I already have?!?!

Yes it is and I succeeded!  So many times I put together an outfit in my head and when I actually try on all the pieces together I look totally ridiculous.  The red and white (I am just as surprised with you that there isn't a trace of pink in this outfit!) polka dot top was given to me by a friend.  The white trousers were purchased at a Banana Republic outlet store.  I think I spent $40 on them and they are worth every penny!  They are super comfortable and the perfect length for me (I finally realized I am in fact petite and therefore must purchase petite clothes).

Now we take a closer look at what I am wearing...


I added a touch of red and whimsy by wearing my favorite red enamel heart earrings that I purchased at The Dandy Lion Boutique, which you can shop online by clicking here.  I decided to accessorize with a black belt and shoes, but I could've (and would've) accessorized with mustard yellow, cobalt blue, emerald green or even light pink.  I'm pretty sure the belt came with a dress I bought so I can't really give you a price on that.  I can tell you that it is patent pleather.  The white bangle bracelet is another purchase from The Dandy Lion and the Fossil watch was a Christmas gift from my husband.

The shoes are my favorite part of this outfit.  I bought these Ferragamo black patent leather pumps a couple of months ago, from the Fort Rucker Thrift Shop for $3.25!  Now, if you don't know Ferragamo, go online here and check out the prices of their shoes.  For a basic pair, like these, you'll spend around $300.  I was shocked when I found these bad boys for nothing!

So, what do you think?  Do I look office ready?  I consider the Ferragamo pumps one of my best finds while thrift shopping.  What has been your best find?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Shopping,


Stephanie Colbert said...

You are amazing in everything you do and wear.

Christin James said...
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Christin James said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Candice coatney said...

Love the shoes! Yes, you look office ready.