Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 10: Teacher Ready

Day 10:

Cardi - Gap Outlet (bright pink)
Blouse - TJ Maxx (navy blue w/bow)
Capris - Gap Outlet (navy blue and white stripe)
Shoes - Target (mustard)
Belt - Came with a dress I bought (black)
Watch - Fossil (silver)
Earrings - Banana Republic Outlet (silver)

Apparently my shadow wanted to make an appearance in this picture:).  You can't tell, but the blouse is navy blue and has an adorable bow on the top.  I taught classes all day and this was the perfect outfit for running around the office making copies and standing up to teach.  It is a very casual look, but still very office appropriate!

Happy Shopping,


Kim James said...
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Kim James said...

Great look! The cardi looks orange in the pic which would also look great!

Kimberlee Robinson said...

I love your blog! I'm getting so many ideas, and I'm beginning to stop and ponder before I make a rash purchase. One thing that would be really helpful is if you could somehow incorporate a direct line so that when I find something I want to buy I could message you instantly and say, "Help! Should I buy this?" ;-) I've wanted to do that a couple of times already. Like tonight! I wanted to buy these coral shoes at Kohl's because they were on sale, and really, I just wanted them! But I had no idea what I would wear them with because I don't have hardly any coral in my wardrobe. Now I think I should have bought them because they 'don't have to match, just coordinate!' Right? I'll get it eventually. I'm loving this! Thanks!

Christin James said...

Kimberlee, I'll message you my cell number on FB and you can text me anytime!!!