Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 126: (and 125)

Day 126:

Sweater: GAP (oatmeal)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: ??? (brown)
Necklace: Premier Jewelry

We visited the zoo today for Nathaniel's birthday.  I wore yoga pants and tennis shoes while there, but changed into today's outfit as soon as I get home.  The zoo was awesome and we had great weather!!!  It is located on a mountain so one needs to wear very comfortable clothes and shoes when climbing up a mountain to see the exhibits!

You may notice that I'm wearing the same necklace as in my last post.  Versatility people!  I actually almost got rid of this necklace because I never wore it.  Now I've worn it twice already this week.  Lesson learned: Hold on to jewelry!!!

Day 125:

Cardi: Old Navy
Tank: Old Navy (green)
Pants: Old Navy (brown)

It was raining today and cold and my house was freezing so I didn't put much thought in today's outfit.  Plus the weather was sooooo bad that I didn't get a good enough picture to show you all, but I still wanted to share what I wore.  The pants are horrible and going into the donate box ASAP!!!

This would've been really cute with my boyfriend jeans (if they hadn't been lost somewhere in my pile of clean laundry).  

I do love the mixing and matching of patterns and colors like with the cardi and tank.  I like doing the unexpected;)

Question:  What are your favorite colors/patterns to mix and match???

Happy Shopping,

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