Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 130: Transitioning Into Fall

Top: United Colors of Benetton (black)
Pants: GAP
Flats: Walmart (black)

Get ready to read the word 'transition' more times than you'd really like to today!

It is time to transition into Fall!  Pull out all your sweaters, cords and boots.  But, what about everything else in your wardrobe???  Who says you can't wear your clothes all year round?  Not me!  

Send me pics of items in your closet that you want to transition into Fall with.  For example; my friend Zanne sent me this picture of a pair of coral pants she owns.  She wanted to know how to transition these pants into her Fall wardrobe.

Instantly, I thought a black sweater with an animal print scarf and coordinating shoes would look great!  Yes, these are bright, colorful pants, but they can still be worn year round.

Please, send your pics to me and I will feature your items on the blog along with my suggestions on how to transition into the Fall!

Email your pics to me at

Now for today's outfit.  

Now, normally I would've worn my black wedges, but since they went on to be with the big shoe in the sky, I had to settle for these ballet flats.  Not bad, but I'm ready to wear some heels!  

I'm not usually a fan of capris.  Seriously, they make a short girl look like a hobbit!  But, I must wear everything in my closet at least once and I do believe I've worn these capris once already so in the closet they will go until I feel the need to pay tribute to Frodo Baggins once more.  

Question:  What do you think about capris?  What do you think about their evil cousin...Bermuda shorts???  

Again, nothing wrong with either of these types of pant, unless you are under 5'4" like me (I'm 5'3").  I think you need to be at least 5'5" in order to really be able to pull either one of these off well.  Just my opinion.  Let's not start a debate here.

Happy Shopping,

P.S. - Don't forget to send me those pics!!!!!!!!

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hotmomma said...

Transition to fall? hahaha...not for us Texas folk yet, it's still too hot. I am trying to at least dress in fall colors though. :) Capris are evil. I used to wear them all of the time when I was a full time teacher and then saw a picture once and realized how "off" they made my legs and proportions look even with the highest of heels. I am 4'11'' with a long waist/upper body and shorter legs. I can't find the right length of Capri on me, but actually have the BEST of luck with Bermuda shorts...they usually make me look leggy. And shorty shorts make me look a bit stumpy. no idea why.