Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 131: Bringing My Maxi Into Fall

Dress: Old Navy (black)
Jean Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Purchased from a thrift shop
Scarf: Purchased at Walmart (animal print)
Sandals: Merona, Purchased at Target (black)

I love the way a jean jacket looks with a maxi dress!  I don't know why, it just looks great.  I am tired already of wearing blue jeans so I decided I'd wear my black maxi with my super cute (and super thrifted) jean jacket.  Of course, I had to add a scarf and I wouldn't be me if I let an opportunity to wear animal print pass me up.

Staple Alert!!!!!!

Every woman should own a maxi dress AND jean jacket!!!

Okay, alert over.  But seriously, every woman needs a maxi dress and jean jacket in their wardrobe!  It doesn't matter what color or print of dress you get, just get one!  I have several maxi dresses and I have worn them all since I started this blog.  Wear your maxi as is, or add a cardi, scarf, jacket, blazer, etc. to jazz it up a bit.  

As far as the jean jacket goes, this is a classic piece that will never go out of style.  You can find jean jackets everywhere!!!  Find one that hugs your figure just a little to give yourself some shape.  I have found that Old Navy jean jackets are very boxy (I have one from there too).  When you are short with a short waist, you DON'T want to look even more boxier than you already are:).  You can wear a jean jacket with everything and year round.  If you don't believe me just get on Pinterest and check out all the ways people wear jean jackets.  You'll never run out of ways to wear this classic piece!

 Happy Shopping,

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