Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 107: School's Back in Session!

Top: Banana Republic, Purchased from Goodwill (white)
Shorts: Purchased from Dillard's Outlet (navy blue)
Flip flops: GAP (yellow)
Silver accessories

The boys started back to school today.  Their school has already been in session for three weeks, but for them, today was their first day.  They had a blast at their new school and have already made friends.  I am so glad that I have such resilient, easy going, friendly kids!!!

I worn my version of a white button up today.  I love this top because it feels like a white button up without being one.  No collar, no cuffs, no tucking.  I love it!!!  Of course, white is perfectly paired with navy blue and I just so happen to have a pair of navy blue shorts.  I could've worn white sandals, but I opted to wear my yellow flip flops for a little touch of color.  Plus,  really love navy blue, white and yellow together.  

Happy Shopping,

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