Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 108: Work Out Ready!

Top: GAP
Pants: GAP
Tennis Shoes: Nike

I worn work out clothes today and actually worked out!  Yay me!!!  I walked all the way to the boys school today and picked them up.  It was about a mile walk (if not more) and HOT!!!  I have a bit of a sunburn to prove it.

I love these shoes!  They are so comfortable!!!  

On a side note, I am getting my hair cut on friday.  I am cutting off the mullet back and hoping to get something youthful and fun.  I welcome any suggestions anyone has!  I don't want to go short.  I am trying to grow my hair out long enough to put in a pony, but I have to get this back cut off ASAP before Billy Ray Cyrus tries to claim me as his daughter;)

Happy Shopping,

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