Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Closet Style 365 Special Report

I promised style advice so here goes.  

How to wear animal print 101:

1.  Animal print is a neutral.

Meaning that it can be worn with any other color.  If you treat animal print as a neutral, you'll have many more styling options!

Yesterday, I wore these animal print flats with jeans and a beaded burgundy top.  I could also wear these flats with coral, green, orange, yellow, brown, cream, black, red, navy and much more!

2.  Wear touches of animal print to our outfit with your accessories.

This Betsy Johnson watch is gold with an animal print band.  It is subtle and adds a special touch to any outfit.  I wear it with the above colors.  You could wear an animal print belt, carry an animal print hand bag (just PLEASE don't carry a fuzzy animal print purse!!!) or wear jewelry (in moderation) that has animal print.  Shoes, purses, scarves and belts are really the way to go if you are wanting to add subtle animal print touches to your wardrobe!

3.  Don't wear animal print head to toe!

I added an animal print cardi to this outfit, just for a little touch of something extra.  I would NOT wear this cardi with animal print shoes or while carrying an animal print purse.  That is just too much animal print.  Plus, you don't want to go around looking like the actually animal do you???

 4.  Be careful when wearing animal print dresses!  Stay classy people!

I know you can't see the full dress, but it is a wrap dress in a black and white giraffe (?) print.  It has long sleeves and goes to mid calf.  Classy and stylish!


Let me just make this very clear, I do not own this dress!  This was a few years ago and I was 'modeling' this dress for a fashion show.  This is a prime example of too much animal print.  If you are going to wear a cheetah print dress in the brown color pallet, please break it up!  Wearing cheetah print head to toe, is too much.  Wear a cheetah print skirt and a solid top or a cheetah print top and solid skirt.

Question:  How do you wear animal print?  What rules do you follow when wearing animal print?

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