Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 109: At Least I Have My Shorts

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: GAP
Flip flops: GAP

Even though I am missing the majority of my wardrobe (our shipment should be here Sept. 3rd) at least I have all my shorts.  There is always a bright side to every situation if you look for it!

But I am VERY ready to have the rest of my things!!!

I bought this top on a whim because I was out and about and realized the top I had on had a stain and a hole and needed to be replaced ASAP.  I'm glad I bought this top though.  The polka dots are pink, navy blue and yellow so this top will go with just about anything.  I wanted to wear my pink shorts today, but I can;t find them:(  I guess they are somewhere in the second shipment?

Oh, and that Acadia in the background, yep, that is the same one that has had to have two new engines in the last month and a half!

Hopefully it will be gone by this weekend and replaced with a nice new minivan!  

Be sure to check out and see if your favorite stores are having Labor Day sales this weekend!!!  And be sure to remember those who serve and have served our country while you are getting those great shopping deals!

Happy Shopping,

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