Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 51: Max-ed Out

Dress:  Mossimo Supply Co, Purchased from Goodwill (black and turquoise)
Sandals: Old Navy (black)
Earrings: Maurices (turquoise and gold)
Anchor Earrings: Gift (gold)
Necklace: Tiffany (silver)
Bracelets: Gaudy Me Boutique
Bandeau Bra: Purchased from (turquoise)

Today was a great day (for a Monday anyways:).  My oldest had his braces removed (YAY!!!).  I took all the kids to eat and then we ran a few errands around town.  I lost my sunglasses yesterday at the movie theater, so I had to visit TJ Maxx to buy new ones.  I'm a little notorious for losing or breaking sunglasses so I'm not going to spend too much money on them anymore.  Especially, not after my son stepped on a broke my Ray Bans and someone snatched my Coach sunglasses right out of my purse.  As a matter of fact, my sunglasses were stolen yesterday after I left them in the bathroom.  They weren't cheap either and had been a Christmas gift from my husband:(.  

Anyways, the point is that I was able to go to TJ Maxx and buy my sunglasses and leave.  I did browse the racks just to see what is out (I call it trend hunting), but I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  

Tip: Wear Bandeau bras when you have clothing that is too low cut.  I bought several colors online at for around $5 each.  They also adds a little bit of extra support for holding up a strapless bra (you busty gals know what I'm talking about;)

I love these little anchor earrings that my sweet husband bought for me.  He knows I love anchors (and jewelry).

My photographer today was my 5 year old.  I'm sorry if some of the pictures are blurry and very off center.  I just couldn't bring myself to crop them all or tell him they weren't good.  He was so proud of his work. 

Obviously, it is raining here.  We've had rain most days this summer.  Crazy!!!

I bought this dress at Goodwill (oh how I miss thee).  I didn't know until after I bought it, that it was ripped at the bottom and one strap was being attached to the rest of the dress with a safety pin.  Lucky for me, I have a great friend who sews and she fixed it right up for me.  

Tip: Sometimes you can find some great things at Goodwill that just need a little TLC to help them become great things!  Keep that in mind if you find a great skirt that has a busted zipper or something.  That is a pretty easy fix and worth paying someone to mend it for you if you cannot do it yourself.  

I didn't know he had taken this picture until I was editing.  Sweet boy:)!

Happy Shopping,

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