Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 76 & 77: Weekend Get Away!

Day 76:
Top: GAP (white)
Shorts: GAP (denim)
Flip flops: Reef (black)
Fedora: Purchased from Walmart

Day 77:
Top: Purchased from (black and white)
Shorts: GAP (pink)
Flip flops: Reef (black)

I went on a last minute trip with my kids to Birmingham, AL this weekend.  We had a blast and visited the Birmingham Zoo and the McWane Children's Science Museum.  We even stayed overnight in a hotel (fun for the kids, not so much for me).  Everyone did so well and we all had such a good time being with each other.

I was so busy taking pictures of the kids at the zoo, that I didn't get a full body shot of myself.  It was hot in Birmingham, so I kept my outfit cool and simple. The fedora was more for shade than for any fashion statement I may have been trying to make:)  

Of course, it started raining when we were about 45 minutes away from home and was still raining a little bit after we got home.  The result is extremely muggy weather outside right now and limp hair for me.  After seeing this picture of myself, I am seriously rethinking skinny horizontal stripes with my body shape.  It is never a good thing to make already big things look bigger;)

Happy Shopping,


Kim Hainline said...

I think that striped top looks great on you!

Christin James said...

Well thanks!!!! I love it even though it does make my chest bigger.

Christin James said...
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hotmomma said...

I like it on you too!! But I know what you mean...stripes are questionable sometimes...if one is not a 5'10'' skinny mini model..which what real woman is?!