Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 78: Watermelon to Church;)

Dress: Given to me by a friend (thanks Zanne!) coral
Cardi: GAP Outlet (mint)
Sandals: TJ Maxx
Belt: Maurices (cream)

Ever since I read a blog comment that coral and mint look like watermelon together, I can't stop myself for thinking the exact same thing!  Good thing I LOVE watermelon;)

I love this frilly coral dress that was given to me by my very fashionable BCF (best Californian friend) Zanne.  I told Zanne that with her red hair she really shouldn't be wearing coral.  I did this jokingly and she turned around a few days later and gave me the dress.  I think it was too big for her (she is a skinny mini) and she had to pass it on to her curvier friend;)  Regardless of how I got it, I am glad I have it!!!

Of course, churches are always cold so I paired it with the only color I ever seem to pair with (duh!).  I also can't ever seem to go without a belt so I added the frilliest belt I have.

The shoes were not my first choice.  I really wanted to wear my nude patent leather pumps, but with bad knees and carrying a baby around, I didn't want to risk falling and hurting myself or my baby.  If my husband were here to carry he baby for me, I would've rocked those pumps, no question!!!

And there it is folks!  I can't believe I've gone 78 days without shopping.  I have had to buy a couple of items to replace damaged items in my closet, but those items came from Target (sandals) and Goodwill (3 shirts and a skirt). Since I have been really having to look at everything in my closet, I have discovered that A LOT of my clothes had stains, holes, etc.  Plus, A LOT of pieces, that I have had forever, just don't fit me anymore.  

That is why I am organizing a clothing swap at my house on August 10th from 1-3.  Bring your good condition clothes, shoes and accessories and swap with other guest!!!  I'll have many pieces from my closet (the good condition ones:).  Tell a friend and bring them along too.  

Happy Shopping,


hotmomma said...

Such an adorable dress! And you DO have the cutest belt collection EVER! I wish this Texas gal could come to your swap. Sounds fun!

Christin James said...

Thanks!!! It's just a 10 hour drive from East Texas to Alabama:)