Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 57: Church and Killer Shoes!

Top: Banana Republic
Slacks: Target
Shoes: Rampage
Jewelry: Purchased from Ingrid's Jewelers (bracelet, ring and necklace)
Watch: Fossil

The title is 'Church and Killer Shoes', because I thought these shoes were going to kill me!  A few years ago I had surgery on both of my knees (the surgeries were 11 months apart from each other). Ever since then, I have had a hard time walking in heels and honestly, probably shouldn't be wearing them at all.  But, I love heels and where them whenever I can.  Today though, with all the rain and the arthritis in my knees acting up (yes, I know, I am old) I had a really hard time walking in these shoes.  I didn't keep them on for very long and before church was even over, I gave them away to my BGF (best German friend) Tina.  She can rock some high heels!  In fact she wore platform silver glitter heels to church today.  We don't normally wear the same size shoe, buy lucky for her, these fit.  They weren't my favorite shoes anyways so I am glad they are in a home where they will be loved (and worn).

I'm not normally a big fan of wrap tops or dresses (solely because half the time I can't figure them out).  This top is easy, comfy and colorful.  I've had it for years and hardly ever wear it because it makes my boobs look ginormous!  Ugh!  Oh well, I guess God gave me these for a reason:).  

The ring was a gift from my husband.  I had this ring (blue diamonds fyi) on lay-a-way for a few months, but felt bad for spending so much money, so I had it taken off lay-a-way.  Of course Jason bought it for me for Christmas which totally shocked me!  He is so sweet.  He bought the matching necklace and gave it to me at his Change of Command (sorry, Army talk).  He gave it to me for supporting him while he was in command. 

The bracelet was a gift from Mrs. Ingrid of Ingrid's Jewelers.  She is the sweetest lady ever!!!  If you're ever in Daleville, AL stop by and see her.

Happy Shopping,

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