Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 74: Rain, Rain Go Away

Dress: Maurice's (navy and white)
Sandals: Merona, Purchased from Target (camel)
Belt: Came with the dress (camel)
Earrings: Maurice's (gold studs)

I was finally able to take a picture outside without the presence of any rain!!!  That is a HUGE accomplishment these days!  Of course, it was thundering in the background, but no rain!!!

I did think it was appropriate to wear my nautical dress again, since it has been raining so much around here the last few days weeks months.  I wore this dress during the first week of this blog, only I wore it with yellow then, and now I am wearing camel brown.  


I met with our adoption attorney this morning.  I wanted to be 'mommy' dressed up.  Still able to carry a baby without tripping (no high heels), able to bend over without flashing my booty to the world and comfortable (nothing binding or tight).  This dress is PERFECT for mommy duty!!!  

I usually change my clothes as soon as I get home, but it is 8:17pm and I am still wearing this dress.  The belt and shoes are gone, but the dress remains on.  It feels like a gown (a fabulously fashionable gown;)

Happy Shopping,

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