Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 75: Not So Luau Ready

Dress: Walmart
Sandals: Old Navy (white)
Miscellaneous jewelry

My boys invited two of their friends (who happen to be brothers too) over to spend the day and night with us.  I decided to be very brave and took all 5 kids to the pool today.  Today was the first day in a very long time that we haven't had rain so we took advantage of it while we could.  

Since the baby has a virus, the two of us couldn't get in the pool, but all four boys did.  They had a blast.  It was short lived though because the baby needed a nap and it was getting very hot for the two of us.    

I tried to dress as cooly as I could, but I was still unbelievably hot!!!  And I was dressed more for a luau  than for a day at the pool:)

This is the third time I've worn this dress in the few years I have had it.  Believe it or not, the first two time I wore it were to luaus here in Alabama of all places!

My pups are just as shocked as I am to have dry weather today!

Tomorrow I am braving it yet again, and taking my three kids to Birmingham for a weekend trip.  I'll be staying overnight with them in a hotel by myself and everything.  I'm only telling you this because I will not have a blog entry for you tomorrow.  Instead, be sure to check out the Facebook page for my outfit of the day!  When I get home Saturday I will play catch up and post two days worth of outfits for you.

Happy Shopping,

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