Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 59: Couponing It Up!

Top: Old Navy (black and white)
Shorts: GAP Outlet (pink)
Shoes: GAP (black)
Watch: Philip Stein (black leather band and silver double face)
Bracelet: Tiffany (left arm)
Bracelet: Boutique purchased (right arm)
Earrings: Premiere Designs (silver)
Necklace: Kay's Jewelers Open Heart Collection (diamond)
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta (tortoise)

Another productive day in my household!  I love it when I don't spend all day in the house watching TNT (really, I will do that!).  I had a Mommy and son day today with my boys.  We had lunch together and enjoyed the sunny day.  Tonight, I went to a Coupon Boot Camp at my church.  I am still a little over whelmed by all the information I was given, but I am sure I will eventually learn all this couponing stuff!

Tonight after Boot Camp, I had my bGf (best German friend) Tina, take my pictures at the church.  It is so nice to have an adult take my pictures every once in a while!!!

Tina wanted the Wounded Warrior to be on my shoulder.  She is so goofy!

Again, the Wounded Warrior is on my shoulder.  I thought it was funny at first, but if you think about it, we should all be carrying those who have fought for our country on our shoulders.  We should make their burdens, our burdens.  We should carry their hurt, pain, joy and life with us at all times.  Do me a favor and thank a Vet for their service!  I love that my church has this hanging up in the corridor.  I am so blessed to be a member of a church family that loves and supports our Service Members!

Happy Shopping,

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