Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 29: I Have A New Photographer (for the week)

Dress: Gianni Bini, purchased from Dillard's (black and purple)
Cardi: Mossimo, purchased from Target (black)
Shoes: Gianni Bini, purchased from Dillard's (black)
Jewelry: Purchased from Altar'd State

I dropped off my son, Thomas for a week long Boy Scout camp yesterday.  Since he is my normal photographer, I had to enlist my 5 year old son, Nathaniel, to take over photo taking duties. 

This picture about sums up everything you need to know about his personality.  And yes, we were out in public with him dressed like that:)

(Isn't he cute?!) 

 He was so excited to take pictures for me.  I am proud of the job he did.  Not bad for a recent Kindergarten graduate!

I accented the black and purple dress with black and gold jewelry.  The dress cinches just below the chest so naturally, I added a belt.  I'm realizing that I am addicted to belts!    

I layered my necklaces today.  It looked cute and is good in theory, but the chains kept getting tangled.  Tip: If you're going to layer necklaces, make sure the chains are of different thicknesses in order to avoid entanglement!  

I love this stretch bracelet!  All the jewelry that I wore today came from a store called Altar'd State.  Check out their website to learn more about this amazing Christian based company!

My sweet little photographer wasn't able to get a shot of my shoes, so here you go.  I have had these peep toe heels forever!  These shoes are a classic shoe and will remain in my closet until they fall apart.  Tip: When you are buying classic pieces, it is okay to spend more money than you normally would.  You want to make sure you are purchasing good, quality items that will last for years!  

Here is an overview of what I wore today.  By adding the black cardi this dress was perfect for church.  If I remove the cardi this outfit would be great for date night with the hubby.  I love multi-purpose clothing!  

Happy Shopping,

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