Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 34: VBS Program Day

Dress: Old Navy (floral pattern)
Shoes: Mossimo, purchased from Target (cobalt blue)
Ring:  Purchased from boutique (yellow flower)
Necklace: flip-flop, purchased in Hawaii

All this week my five year old son, Nathaniel, has been attending VBS on post here at Fort Rucker.  Today was the last day and the kids had a program for all of us parents to watch.  The cuteness factor was off the chart!

Please excuse the cheese factor in this picture!  I was just trying to show off the pockets:)  Pockets + dresses = best idea EVER!  Who doesn't love pockets on a dress?  I have had this dress forever.  I bought this one and a solid blue on just like it in the clearance section at Old Navy.  I don't normally buy spaghetti strap dresses because I HATE having to wear a strapless bra.  Big boobs + strapless bra =  a hot mess!  

 I knew the chapel would be chilly so I added a yellow cardi into the mix.

I love how the cardi makes both the dress and shoes pop!  Funny thing, I used to hate the color yellow! I NEVER worn it.  Now, I can't get enough.  I love yellow!  I love the brightness and the cheerfulness that yellow resonates.  It is the happiest of colors.

Question: What color makes you the happiest?

Happy Shopping,


Enid Collazo said...

love it

supermomma said...

Cute dress!... and I hear you on strapless bras and larger chests! Still trying to find a strapless that doesn't drive me nuts! On a happier note, yellow has always and will forever more be my favorite color to wear! Although turquoise is the second runner up!

Christin James said...

Turquoise and yellow together!!!!! Swoon:)

Christin James said...

Turquoise and yellow together!!!!! Swoon:)

Kim Hainline said...

Love this outfit! The colors are great!