Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 45: Ready For Court

Dress: Purchased from Modcloth (purple)
Shoes: Purchased from Target (black)
Belt: Came off another dress (black)
Earrings: Pearls, purchased from Ingrid's Jewelers in Daleville, AL
Watch: Fossil

Today was a great day!!!  We've been
foster parent's to the sweetest little girl since May 10, 2012 and today we finally had our termination hearing at the court house!  The judge terminated and now we can start the adoption process.  Hopefully soon, my family will all be under one roof again (my husband had to PCS {permanent change of station}, to Ft. Carson in May).

Anyways, Modcloth has amazing dresses for all occasions.  I bought this dress a few years ago because I loved the color and the detail on the sleeves.  I needed 'business' type dresses, but I still wanted to wear dresses that fit my personality.  If you have never checked out the Modcloth website, please follow this link and do so, www.modcloth.com.  It is AMAZING!!!  

I added a black belt as my main accessory for this look today.  Watches are a great way to add more detail to an outfit and to help break up dresses or suits that are solid colors.  I love belts and have a whole basket full of them  As a matter of fact, I dug out 6 skinny black belts out of my basket today.  In my defense, most of them came with dresses I have purchased.  Really, most of my belts have come with dresses I have purchased.  I've already admitted to my past shopping addiction, right?!:)   

I didn't want to be too dressed up for court, so I didn't wear any jewelry except, pearl studs and a watch. 

Honestly, I was still overdressed for court.  I've never been to court before so I didn't know what to expect.  Well, I sat in a hallway for 45 minutes, then I was called into a little room for 5 minutes, then it was over.  Anti-climatic, I know, but it was great news and I am so joyful right now I can't even stand it!  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us!

Happy Shopping,

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