Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 46: I Am Blessed Beyond Belief!

Top: Purchased from Dandy Lion Boutique
Shorts: GAP Outlet
Sandals: TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Purchased from Dandy Lion Boutique

Yesterday, I shared that I had to go to court for a termination hearing.  The outcome was great and it totally made my year!  However, the day before the hearing I had a not so great experience and I need to share this story with you all as a testimony to how great God truly is!  My friend Candice was here and we had taken our kids to the pool.  Since we each have three kids, we couldn't carpool so I drove my 2011 GMC Acadia and she drove her mini van.

On the way back to my house, my car completely died.  My car suffered (more like I suffered) complete mechanical failure.  So there I was, stuck in the middle of the road on an Army Post with my car kaput!  Candice and two another passers by, pushed me out of the road.  Thank the Lord Candice was behind me.  She took all the kids back to here house while I waited on a tow truck.  A nice MP (Military Police) stayed with me until the tow showed up and the tow driver was very nice and drove me (and all my stuff) home.

Since my Pastor and his wife Joyce were meeting me at the court hearing, I asked them to swing by and pick me up so I had a ride to and from court.  As I was texting Joyce and balling my eyes out because of the situation, she reminded me that it was the devil trying to get me down.  Her reassurance helped me look at my car breakdown in a whole other light. 

 I am immeasurably blessed to have had Candice right behind me.  I am blessed to have a friends who were willing to go to court with me and take me there too.  I am blessed to have an incredible Pastor and I am blessed to have his wife as a good friend of mine.  I am blessed because I have a friend to woke up early this morning to come over and watch my kids so I could get a rental car.  I am blessed that when I shared my situation on Facebook, I had an outpouring of offers to help.  I am blessed period!

Since my car is out of commission for a while, I had to get a rental car.  I was up bright and early this morning (mainly because my five year old didn't sleep at all last night due to a terrible stomach ache).  The Enterprise Car Rental guy came to pick me up at my house and drive me to the shop/store (what do you call it anyways???) and I returned home with our rental.  That was my day.  

I LOVE this top.  I know, I love most of my clothes.  This top is cream colored lace with fabric flower detail around the collar.  ADORABLE!!!  I normally wear this top with jean trousers, but it is just too hot here for jeans!  Instead, I wore my favorite bubble gum pink shorts.  I NEVER would've thought I'd be loving and wearing pink shorts as much as I am.  

And after seeing myself in pictures wearing flats, I realize I need to wear heels whenever possible to give my legs some length and shape.  Plus, I LOVE THESE SANDALS!!!  They are comfortable and cute, and who doesn't love shoes that are both comfy and cute???

Happy Shopping,

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