Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 33: Classic Black and Khaki

Top: Target (black)
Shorts: Old Navy (khaki)
Shoes: ? (black and gray)
Bracelet: Premier Jewelry (black and silver)
Earrings: Maurices (black, white and silver)
Belt: Maurices (animal print)

Classic:  Classic fashion means that the style has been around for a long time and never goes out of fashion.  Meaning that the same look can be worn for many, many years with simple adjustments.  Think of the classic white button up shirt, pencil skirts, animal print, polka dots, LBD's.  All these looks are classics, but the way we were them changes throughout the years.  For example, I wouldn't wear a white button up that had shoulder pads.

Trend:  Trend is something that comes into style and last for a few years.  Currently we are in the skinny jeans trend.  I was hoping this trend wouldn't last long, but we are going on 2-3 years now.  Wearing blazers and jeans is another current trend (which I love!!!).   This one has my permission to stick around as long as it wants to!

Fad:  A fad is something that is here today and gone tomorrow.  A current fashion fad is cut-off high waisted shorts.  Really?! Who thought it would look cool to wear cut-off mom jeans!?  

If you are trying to build a wardrobe, try to find basic, classic pieces.  Invest your money in good quality that will last for many years.  If you are going to buy a white button up, don't get one with a big cut out in the back or with sequence on the collar.  Buy a basic (plain) with button-up.  If you want detail, add a statement necklace to the look.  

Back to business:)

I decided I wanted to go classic today, so I wore a black top and khaki shorts.  

Now, I could've worn a plain black tee, but that would be boring, so I wore a linen and cotton blend top with a puffy sleeve detail.  This is classic and reflects my personality.  The shorts are plain Old Navy khaki shorts.  The length is great (not too long and not too short).  I added my personality to the look by wearing an animal print belt.  I have and always will LOVE animal print!!!  

Here is a closer look at my accessories for today.  I don't remember where I got these shoes, but I know they came from a thrift store or Goodwill.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a little animal print, stripes and floral all in one outfit:), right?

Question:  What is your favorite classic look?  What trend do you love or hate?  What fad do you wish would go away?

Happy Shopping,

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