Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 49: Trying on the Trends at Maurices

Tank Top: Target (black)
Vest: Ross (black and white)
Jeans: GAP Outlet
Sandals: Old Navy (black)
Watch: Philip Stein, purchased in Nassau, Bahamas (black leather band with silver double watch face)
Necklace: Gift from Ingrid's Jewelers
Earrings: Maurices (silver)

Today I ran to our local Toyota dealer to test drive a mini van.  I can't believe I just admitted that!  Anyways, after I was done I decided to run across the street to Maurices to check out their latest arrivals.  I feel like I am so far out of the fashion loop nowadays since I am not making weekly trips to Target, TJ Maxx or Ross anymore.  

For me, Maurices is very hit or miss.  I like some of their items, but I am not an overall huge fan of the retail chain.  However, it was close by and I was desperate to play dress up (even if I can't buy anything).

I only had a few minutes to play before I had to return home and relieve my babysitter so I didn't waste anytime grabbing anything that seemed to be a current trend.  I will go ahead and apologize for the mirror shots.  They annoy me and I am sure they annoy you too:)

Trend: Bird and Butterfly Prints
I noticed that birds and butterfly prints are very popular right now.  This dress has both birds and butterflies, plus it has floral!  It is a cute dress, but not my style. Plus, it is so wrinkled, I can't really tell if I like it that much or not.

Trend 2: Polka Dots and Lace Everything
I tried on my FAVORITE print next.  Any guesses??? Yep, polka dot.  However, yellow looks awful on me and the dress just didn't hang right on my body.  I tried it on with another trendy item, a mint lace cardigan (double trend whammy!).  The cardigan was adorable, but it was too big (not that I could've bought it anyways).


Trend 3: Coral, Lace and Pretty Skirts
I found this very pretty lace skirt (have I mentioned how popular/trendy lace currently is???).  The only thing I could find to pair it with was this awful coral-y pink side ruching top (FYI, side ruching...NOT CUTE!).
If I could've, I would've bought this skirt.  I think paired with a soft pink top or my light mint cardigan, it would be adorable!!!

Trend 4: Hot Pink, Sheer and Printed Shorts
I think my face says it all!  The shorts were totally adorable and comfy, but I just don't understand why everything right now is sheer!?  By the time you add a tank underneath it is nearly too hot to wear the top.  I guess that is why embellished bras are trendy right now?!

Trend 5: Sheer and Ruffles                                          

Trend 6: Sheer and Stud Details

Trend 7: Sheer, Hardware, Sequence and Rust        

Trend 8: More Lace and Cream

Here is a closer look at the tops I tried on today.  I kind of really like the one with the zipper going down the middle!  I'm digging the color too and it has sequence on the shoulders.  I saw a lot of rust colored pieces at Maurices today.  I'm venturing to say that rust will be the next big color so go ahead and start looking out for rust colored pieces next time you are out shopping!  

I did wear an outfit to share with you all today.  Again, the main piece of this look was in my get-rid-of pile, but after seeing the re-emergence of vests lately, I decided to dig it out of my donation pile and wear it today.  It's a keeper for sure now!!!  

Happy Shopping,


ErinRuby said...

I like the vest...and, I say definitely keep it...paired with a long sleeve solid in the fall/winter would be super cute too:)

hotmomma said...

oh yes. I love the drapey vest! Keep for sure! My favorites that you tried on were the two lace items-the skirt and the lace top. I actually really liked the yellow polk-a-dot dress and think you look nice in yellow. :)

Christin James said...

Thanks! Maybe I'll rethink yellow:)

Christin James said...
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