Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 42: Purple Dress Day, All Day

Dress: Target (purple)
Sandals: CL Chinese Laundry
Necklace: Burkes Outlet

Today, was a very busy day!  It started off with me having to run to my old house because I accidentally had some packages shipped there, oops!  I also had to check on my friends cats and go grocery shopping.  My afternoon was equally busy.  My oldest son, Thomas, had a Cub Scout pool party and awards ceremony.  Then after that we were invited over to a friends house for dinner.  I knew I wanted to wear something that would work for me all day, and I did!

For the first half of the day I wore my purple cotton dress with a brown bandeau bra underneath (the dress is very low cut).  FYI bandeau bras are the best idea ever!!!  I have five different colors of bandeau bras that I wear under tops and dresses that are too low cut for my comfort.

Later in the day I wore my dress over my swimsuit as a cover up.  I love it when I can get away with wearing the same thing all day for multiple occasions!

Happy Shopping,

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