Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 41: Completing The Look!

Top: LOFT (blue and white)
Cardi: GAP Outlet (minty blue)
Shorts: GAP Outlet (yellow)
Sandals: Old Navy (white)
Wedges: Purchased from TJ Maxx (camel brown)
Necklace: Purchased on Etsy (yellow)

I woke up this morning and decide to wear my striped LOFT tank and yellow shorts.  The look was cute, but not anything special.  Plus, this top is NOT my favorite.  It makes me look much bigger than I am because of the boxy shape and multiple striped layers going down the front of the shirt (really?! layers over the boobs???).

See, nothing special.  I knew I could make the outfit look better.
I added a light minty blue cardi (helps slim the boxiness of the top), a small yellow bauble necklace and I traded in the white sandals for brown wedges.  I really like the way a few additions (or subtractions) can really make an outfit complete!

Happy Shopping,

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